[INVALID] How to launch and connect your Google Cloud Instance


We do not recommend using a Google Cloud instance. You will eventually be banned from their service.



When I look at how to setup nodes on other cloud providers, I don’t see firewall guidance. Are their firewalls not enabled by default?

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For other cloud providers, the default settings are good to go. You don’t need to modify the firewall rules.

Hi, is there a way to run multiple vNodes on the same Google VM? What would be the code for that? @khanhj @Peter

Take a look at @khanhj’s replies to this article

I tried to follow it but I keep getting errors. There is a lot of back and forth on that thread, is there a simpler explanation?

Why don’t you create another instance on the Google VPS? That would be simple in this case.

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The error you encounter (the one you mentioned on Telegram DM) is mentioned in the instructions.

@aaron mentioned in this post that we must avoid Google Cloud as your account could get banned. However, I see people hosting nodes on Google Cloud looking at the comments on this thread. Can someone please confirm if it is OK to host your vnode on Google Cloud or I should look at other providers?

Hi @sid, you should look for other VPS providers as Google can terminate your account at any time.
There are some good providers in the Aaron’s post that you can use. If you still want to host a vNode on Google Cloud Instance, you can do so at your own risk.

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Thanks, Peter!