Invalid address shown since wallet update, unable to send USDT.

I have been sending USDT to an exchange deposit address, it’s always worked fine. Since the latest update though when I’m trying to send USDT to the same address(scanned qr-code, checked manually, and checked in the explorer that the address was correct) it returns an “invalid address” error so I am unable to send.


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Please tap on unShield button,then withdrawal your money on outside exchange


Hey, you’ll need to use the unshield option on the main asset page to send usdt out of network. The new update removes the redundancies. You can find more info here:

Will make the error msg more instructive/helpful. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


By the way…welcome to the community Geo… :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the help, I was able to send, I think the interface changing everytime the wallet updates was messing me up…