Introducing the new pDEX (pDEX v3)

I second @brico84 concerns. I’ve invested a lot of heart into this project and I would hate to see that it gets a bad reputation just because people get upset regarding overpromising and underdelivering. I know release planning is really hard. Stuff happens, ideas get scrapped, things you didn’t think of turn up, and everything always takes longer than you think.

A couple of times now the release date has passed and all we’ve had is radio silence like if you don’t acknowledge it, we won’t notice. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Please don’t be afraid to share progress, even if you cannot give a new release date. I think most of us understand that making sure everything works before releasing it, is the most important thing.


I agree with you, the biggest gripe that anyone that has come across with the team is their terrible communication ever since they let go of the growth / marketing team earlier in the year.

When communication isn’t forthcoming, it feeds on FUD and stupid Ponzi / project is dead posts regardless of the development that is actually occuring.

Price performance may not be an indicator of project viability or development but it is at least in the short term an indication of confidence. The team really needs to get better at this. It’s hard to be an advocate to other people when they can’t get it right and it’s not the first time they have had this issue.

Message for the devs really is don’t underestimate the importance of clear communication. You can build all the best stuff in the world but no one will use it if you don’t instill some confidence and let your community know what is going on.

Nonetheless still excited by the 2022 roadmap…if it gets delivered on time :joy::joy::joy:


It would be. Great to know when pdex 3 is coming out and when liquidity will be added back price is currently at .88 while this is a nice low to fill a bag at I think we are going to be dropping more.

Unless you already filled your bag to the max at 1.60, then you’re in my boat! :v:

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice!

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Not sure I was following this before. Did the devs artificially pull liquidity and will add it back later, or are we just hoping outside money comes back when pDEX v3 is live?

@brico84, @fredlee, @SPAddict25 and everyone else reading – thanks for your patience, and also for telling us what’s on your mind. We agree with everything that’s been said, and will be making a concerted effort to keep you guys in the loop. Being dev-focused doesn’t excuse poor communication, so please accept our apologies for the intermittent updates.

Let me start by updating you guys about what’s going on with the pDEX.

With the internal release and public beta, we received a ton of feedback - everything from bugs to convoluted UI. Because it’s a bigger than usual update, we’re being extra careful. The exchange now handles a lot more volume than it did in its first year, and a significant amount of funds are involved.

We’re sorry about the radio silence. We appreciate the understanding and empathy shown and will do better at sharing progress. We expect to release this version at the beginning of January. In the meantime, please consider trying the beta and telling us what you think.

After a year or so of heads-down development, Incognito will be relaunching to the public in 2022, with the infrastructure much more capable of supporting growth. The exchange is one of the main products, so it’s all hands on deck for this release. Since we hope to acquire users, we’ll be listening to them, starting with the ideas and suggestions we’ve had for months - dark mode, price charts, etc. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas – please continue doing so. We read everything you guys write.

If you haven’t yet, please also have a look at the roadmap for 2022 and leave us your thoughts. We’ve outlined areas for development and growth, and will continue updating you as we work through it.

I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks again.


Wen @ducky? :duck: :crown: :no_entry_sign: :flashlight:


Thank you for the update @alias.

Please update us on the timeline as things progress so we can adjust our planning as necessary.

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Haha :joy:

You keep making fun of me, Mike :slight_smile: But I do like it tho, it sounds like a legend!
Wen :duck:, please?

Ps: Hey everyone, long timeeeee. Hope you are all doing well, and best wish for pDEX v.3. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


No, not making fun of you, at all. Simply beseeching the Duchess of the Dark to bestow her blessings upon the coming of her Dark Mode.


Hey everyone, just posted a preview of what’s to come. Let us know what you think?

We’re still on track for a Jan 2022 Big Release, but we’re also working towards a first version closer to the end of December, so we can work in parallel with everyone’s feedback and have a really good start to the year.


Hey all - excited to say that the first version of the new pDEX has just been submitted to the app stores for review. The update should be ready for download in a few days!

:dancing_women: Things you can expect in this release:

  1. Decentralized limit orders
  2. pPancake - trade anonymously on PancakeSwap!
  3. Provide liquidity to earn trading fees

I’ll post here again when the update is live.

PS: It’s on the staging app right now if you want to be the first to see it!


For Android, what is the link for the staging app? Thanks. @duc

Hi, if you’ve already installed the beta version on your device, it would download and update the latest version automatically. Otherwise, please get it here. Thanks.


“This is the first time alias has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”

Who are you?

@duc An introduction would help us to trust people you add to the community. I see that Luke is working very hard to save the reputation of the project and yet I still have never seen any indication of who he is, how he was selected, how he is being compensated for his time, why we should trust him… and in spite of complaining about this obscurity around Luke already, the practice seems to have been repeated as alias is also speaking with authority and appears to be new. I can see their account is more than a year old but offers no explanation of what their role is in the project (or yours, or nearly anyone else’s.)

Thanks for your attention (and for dark mode)!


PRV/DAI and PRV/USDT and PRV/USDC are not supportex on pDex v3. so… are you willing to lose all this liquidity?

Hello @Bat_Woman,

We are still working on rolling out those trade pairs / liquidity pools:

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I agree 100% with you. This project has become problematic from the final user point of view. I’m always afraid of losing money, making a bad trad… er… swap (?) and without any help whatsoever. Also, the lack of communication is incredibly annoying. I don’t know what I will find when I open the app. I did warn the devs about all this, but nobody listened. My exit moment was when they sent the wrong app version to the apple store, I realized I was a dev’s bad keystroke away from losing my money. I will not use nor recommend incognito in the foreseeable future.

So this is no longer the case?