Introducing Slashing V2

I think someone said the blockchain was approaching 150 gb.

Eventually (my guess is ~6 months after the staking, unless you sync the node from scratch) all vNodes will converge to the size of the full node data which is currently around 150gb.

In fact, there is a solution to this but after Sync pool is enabled, that solution may cause you to earn the rewards less frequently.

The Solution: Deleting all shards’ data except the syncing one :slight_smile: In this case, each time a validator enters to Pending role, it will sync the corresponding shard from scratch.

Hi @Jared and @Support …question…I have a pnode that as of the last time it was in committee it did not vote on either of the two epochs it was in committee on but it did earn and also it shows as stalling on both the beacon shard and shard 6 and has been like that for about a week…what to do is my question?..I do not wish for the pnode to be slashed… :sunglasses:

When you DM me did you mean send me an email?? If so I haven’t received anything??
I need support to provide how or what I can do to ensure my PNode doesn’t show the status “offline “… I’ve noticed though the pNode has earned PRV even with the status showing offline -

No, not an email. I sent you a direct message here on the forum. Please reply to that so we can get your pNode working as it should.

There are some commands you can send to it to help it get unstuck and some things that we can try to get it working again. I have send you a PM to start working through the issue.

A pNode & vNode specific troubleshooting guides should be coming out soon that should hopefully answer everyone’s questions in regards to what to do if an issue comes up.


While this technically would work I would advise against it due to the sync phase thus limiting rewards like @abduraman mentioned. The best thing to do is setup your vNode with enough space and not chance it with a small storage amount.

Hey guys, let me clarify a bit about the disk space issue and how we can solve it.
In the topic, as we mentioned, Staking Flow V3 will be introducing the Sync phase but apart from Sync phase, it will also change flow once a node is swapped out of a committee.

Basically, in the current flow, after a node is swapped out, it will be randomly assigned to a shard in the next selection round that may lead the node to sync all shards like a fullnode in long run. So to get rid of the situation, after finishing a committee duty, if the node doesn’t get slashed and forced unstake, it will be assigned to the same shard that it was been the last selection round, in this way, it won’t need to sync data of other shards and the required disk space will be much smaller. This will be described in detail in a separate topic.

For those who have node issues, please create a ticket for Support team, if you did but your ticket was missed for some reason, remind us so that we can fix them together.



Hey @duc, thanks for the clarification. This is a really neat way to save disk space, however, is there a way to force a validator to sync with a specific shard?

Reason I ask, I currently have a single vNode running on a server. I’m thinking about adding a 2nd vNode on the same server (thanks to the awesome shell script by @Rocky - How to setup your own node in a blink of an eye (Now support multi-nodes per host) )

So, let’s say my vNode1 syncs with Shard1.
I then add vNode2 to the same server.
Can vNode2 be assigned to a different shard, or will be only sync with Shard1 as that blockchain data already exists on the server?

In some cases (for those with limited disk space) this will be a must. But for other vNode operators (who have ample disk space) they may want to sync to a different shards in support of decentralization.

Your thoughts on the above Duc?

In case you vNode was staked long ago (since privacy v1)
It is worth mentioning that after your vNode get slashed, the 1750 PRV return in coin v1.
So you have to go to function “Convert coins v1” to convert, later it will show up in your asset screen.

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we can force a vNode to sync beacon and a specific shard
it can be done by compile and run the code directly. Current docker tag not support it yet ( i will tell Consensus team to support this feature)

If you still interested in this, i will show you the way to do


Hi @khanhj, thanks for getting back to me. At this stage I’m all good, but it’s good to know that this is possible.
I’m running 2 x vNodes and they are sync’d to different shards, so I consider my setup somewhat more decentralised as I’m supporting 2 different shards :slight_smile: thanks.

@duc @Jared HI,
I have a lot of questions!
I found 8 vnodes that belong to the main team and they obviously work very poorly! For what reason are they not slashing? More than eight epochs?

1 vNode Validator public key: 1B55MqjK3o4UFHWYoBnh2fQAqG48sBQMRBNnVuWSpNbs8bWgW4aMfMiCHeCbQgSTYXYZ1RQBvHgmeevMEPJHLb4Ao8PXPyiYVGFkPVQqyFXMvuEwS8c7e4pX2W9E4pV5yVPkM9h2nnpYnAnetihRWAd2tacD7UUSwZkAQ7UBVMSepmcmT6Pn3

2 vNode Validator public key:

3 vNode Validator public key:

4 vNode Validator public key:

5 vNode Validator public key:

6 vNode Validator public key:

7 vNode Validator public key:

8 vNode Validator public key:


How do you know that they are nodes held by the incognito team?

Because they are participating in every epoch regardless of Vote Count? The only Nodes which can participate in committee every epoch and remain immune to slashing are the “fixed nodes” operated by the dev team.


I hear ya.

Hi there, when we say “fixed nodes” that means the nodes won’t be slashed and swapped out like community nodes to make sure each shard/committee still has a majority of healthy nodes to keep the network up theoretically (“theoretically” means we can’t guarantee the nodes are up all time, they are servers on VPS, sometimes connection issue or whatever reason will stop them from contributing 100% votes, in this situation community nodes would help with fixed nodes’ missing votes to keep the network alive), I believe that everyone knows it and we don’t hide it.

In the past two weeks, as you showed, one fixed node of each shard was off, that was our intention to observe how the network operates when there aren’t sufficiently 2/3rd fixed nodes in a committee, and glad to see that the network is still up. That means community nodes are healthy and contributing very well now (after slashing enabled). We need the observation as an input to plan for initiatives we commit to release next quarter, especially increasing committee size which the fixed nodes won’t hold a majority of a committee any longer so consequently more decentralized network.


I need an appointment to get my power node back in onlinel and staked etc. Please contact me via email

Hello @Domd,

I removed your email and phone number from that post as this is a public thread on the forum. If you require support please message @Support directly.

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Ok thanks