Integrate Incognito wallet into third party apps and services

For example, Telefuel is slack for telegram. Adding Incognito wallet to Telefuel would be of benefit to both projects and communities.

Following that train of thought…

*Phones that come installed with incognito wallet
*add on for online forums, like Discourse or BTT
*BRAVE or tier 2 browsers + other
*Tier 2 messaging services

For sure each of these directions is time consuming to pursue, but in the long run, it will pay off.

What do you guys think?


I like the brainstorming. I think anything that will integrate this into other mainstream, existing Crypto services, will help this go mainstream in the Crypto world. Something that helps and allows people to very quickly convert their Crypto into something private, and then use it. It could be implemented into apps like Coinbase, for example.

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Why not get for example Trust Wallet to support prv based token. That would be a huge boost.



The more I get to understand this product, the more I’ve realized this is a unique thing that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It could theoretically be linked to every and any crypto platform that currently exists. This would actually give those platforms a huge boost in terms of what they’re able to offer to their customers because they can start to advertise that they can trade privately, having Incognito as a side bar on their app to do the conversion.

This would mean that the Incognito app program would need to be able to be inserted into other apps. I don’t know what the name for that is, technically speaking. But the functioning of the pDEX would need to be able to “travel” to remote sites.


For sure!

The most difficult is start up with the first integrations. We plan to launch a new SDK v2 next week with required documentation for the integrations.

For the same reason we are asking for help from the community to bring us the first integration. With 1000 PRV reward for recommendation of the successful integration.

If you know any wallets or chains that can be integrated, please match us.