Infura issue?

@support - Is there an Infura issue? I’ve had no requests made since 8/17.

Hey @JG20, your nodes are still fine, right? Are they syncing well and up to date with the network’s block heights?

Hey @duc. They all say “Online” with the latest sync except one of my pnodes is now showing a stall on Beacon - Block 912628.

If you have a Beacon stall, it might be another issue since only shard process needs to communicate with Infura (or Ethereum node). So I think the best way to figure it out is to create a ticket for the Support team, they will help you investigate the issue.

Will do. But shouldn’t there be Infura requests for my vnodes since they’re syncing and being selected like normal.

Hi, can you please give me your GETH setup in the command you use to run the nodes? I guess if your nodes are syncing just fine without any requests to Infura, they may be calling to our Ethereum fullnode that we set up as a fallback.

Well, I just checked the Infura site and it looks like the requests started back up. I looked yesterday and they were not there. Let me watch it a few more days and I’ll report back.