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I just want to know how to get testnet prv token.

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hey @lld, thanks for your interest, you can use the following account that’s having 100 prv.

  • address: 12RyZZH47mDDxa7Mv5MqfsSL9Z5u1z4x8884pzLLcCD6PxxBoJvVB7NpnnFBrcLdZG3eJ2aTGhBLGiGqtpzX9v9ioDNmxUTsBFcyhuz
  • private key: 112t8rnXLhCsTLGAen31DQfjss4mQbVTzAfaW7uoAULnfehwogfEDhHVcN4Uotk5aVSXyUYLbXfCkQJPPwvqfybhEdRsqEHsCHbviAcU5WeE

In case you had an existing address already, just give me your Incognito address, i’ll send you some prv then.


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Already sent PRV to your wallet, please check. Have a nice time with pstore :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Thank you.

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Hey folks, the following is a quick progress update about the platform:

  • As @andrey’s suggested, pStore platform has integrated with Metamask, so users don’t need to import an Ethereum account to the platform anymore. They can now use an imported Ethereum account on Metamask to interact with Incognito contract directly (e.g., ETH/ERC20 deposit for shielding, paying fees). I believe that this would help improve UX in terms of usage and security (so trust too)

  • I’ve updated some UI and terms too to make it more friendly with end-users, the old one was too technical.

  • A new privacy application called pTrade has been launched and integrated with pStore. You can check it out at Personally, I’m so excited as an ecosystem of privacy applications is being gradually established. Slowly but surely.

Next things I’ll be working on:

  • Loading time improvement on both source code and Incognito webjs library.

  • Security stuff to be able to make it happen on mainnet environments.

  • Responsive UI.


Hey @incsmile

the loading time is soo slow :sweat_smile: Spen 5 min to log in)

Is in ok Kovan test net only, right? Can’t figure out where to get Kovan (DAI or USDC) to play with this? :thinking:

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sorry for that bad experience, that’s a known issue, I believe that the main reason causes that slow loading is size of Incognito sdk (aka privacy.wasm file). The file is sizing ~20MB that would take some time to load especially for those who have slow internet. I’m looking into the SDK code with a hope that I could optimize on something but it’s apparently not that easy due to limited knowledge about it…

Yep, the platform is only supporting Kovan for now, a version for mainnet will be released next month once I finish the security works.
In order to get Kovan DAI or USDC, you could use my latest integrated pApp called pTrade (at to swap Kovan ETH to DAI or USDC. Another way to navigate to pTrade app from pStore platform is to click on pApps menu bar item, the integrating pApps would be listed and you should see pTrade app over there.



I was contacted by another developer with concerns about the size of that file. The team has reducing the file size on their list, but there is no ETA at the moment.


Hey folks, I’m back with quick progress update about the platform:

  • All projects already open source here:
  • Live platform to mainnet take much time than I estimated. I’ll try my best to make it happen around in one or two days ahead

What I will have in this release:

  • Switch network (smoothly between mainnet and testnet)
  • You guys can shield, unshield and transfer token on mainnet

Thank you! :wink:

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New release has landed :tada: :tada: :tada:

Thank you for being here with me

What’s new:

  • Switching network between mainnet and testnet
  • Shield tokens on mainnet
  • Unshield tokens on mainnet
  • Transfer tokens on mainnet

Next things I’ll be working on in next month:

  • Build raw transaction for shielding from client side
  • Live mainnet for Deposit to and Withdraw from Dapps
  • Live mainnet for Psafe and Ptrade
  • Notification on header bar
  • Walletconnect integration

And yep always try to get UX/UI better and better on each phase.

I’m thinking about building more Pdapps in next several months so please tell me what dapps you want to integrate most with my platform. Additionally, in case you want to build your own pdapp on my platform, dont hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!


hey @incsmile, thanks for the updates!
Does anyone successfully logged in to psafe or ptrade ?

I do still experience problems with this :sweat_smile: What should we do to make app response faster ?


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Hi @andrey, sorry for that bad experience. Ptrade and Psafe working best on chrome. As for Brave browser I haven’t handled it properly yet (maybe Brave browser blocking Shared local storage technique) so will add it to Todo list. I’m checking on Ptrade now and get back to you soon :love_you_gesture:

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Hi @andrey, thank you for your patience ptrade is back to normal now. Hope you have a great tour with my platform.


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New release has landed :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:
what’s new:

  • ptrade has lived on mainnet
  • Deposit to dapp on mainnet
  • Withdraw from dapp on mainnet
  • Announcement section on pstore

I’m going to deliver Walletconnect integration and live psafe to mainnet in next week. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :heart:. Thank you.


hey @JoyRaptor @incsmile! Not sure if you guys know each other, but I see a win-win collaboration opportunity here.

@incsmile you build cool things from the tech side and @JoyRaptor knows how to pack them in an awesome UX/UI design.

If you guys consider working together, it could be beneficial for your users, for the network, ecosystem, and for both of you as well.

Think about it :wink:


That’s awesome idea. I’ll contact @JoyRaptor make this collaboration. Thank you so much.

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[MAINTENANCE] Move to new server and upgrade (12:00 - 15:00 UTC, Nov 22)
hi folks, thank you for using pstore :hugs:. I’ll move pstore to new server and upgrade pstore with new version. Please make sure you complete Shield, Unshield, Deploy, Undeploy before maintenance occurs to avoid bad experience.


[FINISHED] Maintenance completed :tada::tada::tada:.
Thank you for your patience. pstore upgraded successfully.
What’s new:

  • Walletconnect goes live on pstore :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:.

Note: Incognito chain testnet1 is down at the moment so please wait testnet1 chain back to normal then try testnet on pstore.



[ANNOUNCEMENT] I’m very happy to announce that @JoyRaptor (maybe you knew him through impressive design) join us to help make pStore’s UI/UX better. With his help, pStore may become the best privacy platform in Incognito ecosystem or at least better than itself for sure :slightly_smiling_face:
By the incorporation, users can benefit from both aspects: sophisticated tech and fancy user expecirence. Thanks @andrey for the suggestion by the way :love_you_gesture: