Incsmile - Multisig wallet

To build an Incognito multisig wallet by leveraging one of the coolest features introduced by the core team - pEthereum

By utilizing pEthereum, I’m building a web-based multisig wallet that allows people to create a multisig account (which would only accept pETH/pERC20, of course) as well as deposit to and withdraw from anonymously.

A side note is that all processes (eg., shield, unshield, deposit, withdraw, etc) on the wallet would be executed in a fully decentralized manner, a.k.a your money would go back and forth directly between your account and Incognito smart contract and there is no middle-man to hold your money even in a while.

Core functionality

  • Shield - turn ETH/ERC20 into pETH/pERC20
  • Deploy pETH/pERC20 to Incognito contract
  • Create multisig wallet
  • Deposit funds to and withdraw funds from a created multisig wallet
  • Undeploy - move funds from Incognito contract (Ethereum) to Incognito chain
  • Unshield - turn pETH/pERC20 back into ETH/ERC20

The estimated timeline would be one month for the MVP version and one another month for the production-ready version.




Hey @incsmile, welcome to the Incognito! It’s awesome that our builder’s community is getting bigger and we can see more cool products built on top of Incognito blockchain.

Looking forward to knowing more about your initiative, ideas and anything you find worth to share :wink:


@andrey, I’ve actually started building this and will get the community updated once I have something to show (for progress). And I’m wondering what is the criteria to be added to voting list of this month?


What is multisig?

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hi @incsmile, basically there is one criterion to start participating in next voting:

Eligible products will have to be fully operational, even if existing functionality is basic or the product is still in its MVP phase.

The community should be able to try your product to make decisions about what to vote for.

The voting starts about one week before the end of the month. Basically you can add your product any moment, but as earlier, you add as more chances to get more votes and bigger shares of the reward.

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Hi @J053, I hope the following answer will help you have a better understanding of what Multisig wallet is and how it helps Incognito users on having more use-cases:

In a brief explanation, standard transactions provided by the current Incognito wallet could be called “single-signature transactions” because transfers require only one signature — from the owner of the private key associated with the Incognito address. And what if we have a demand that requires the signatures of multiple people before the funds can be transferred. A multisig wallet will be a solution for that.
A few examples of its application:

  • Dividing up responsibility for possession of Incognito coins (eg., PRV and pTokens) among multiple people.
  • Avoiding a single point of failure, making it substantially more difficult for the wallet to be compromised.
  • M-of-N backup where loss of a single seed doesn’t lead to loss of the wallet.

Thanks for your answer @andrey, im going to try my best to release MVP version soon so that people can give it a try and hope that everyone can let me know their thoughts in order to make it better :blush:


Hey, @incsmile we kick off Builder rewards voting for July.

Don’t miss the chance to present your project Here are our July Builders!

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Hi @andrey, as I mentioned in this proposal, I’m changing my direction a bit when I wanna postpone the development for pMultisig until next month and focus on building the base/foundation first. For that reason, please help review the MVP version on the proposal above as an application for Builder Rewards program this month, thanks.

Hey, I just wanted to get everybody updated about the status of the product. Like I mentioned in pStore’s update, the development of pMultisig is almost done, I’m fixing some bugs and make it go live on the real domain within today. Really excited to launch the first pApp on my pStore and this possibility of the proof of concept is making me more confident with my idea/project.

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Great, thanks for your update. Really keen on trying Multisig.

Hey guys, I’m really excited to announce that pMultisig - the first pApp on pStore platform has been gone live at
I also created a post about User Manual for it. You can check it out at [pStore.App] User Manual.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave comments down below. Would love talking to you then :metal:

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Hi @sato, please have a look at my comment above, would love talking to you if you want give this a try, thanks.

Wow…way way cool…just had a chance to read up on your multisig project…:)…pleasure to meet you by the way…thank you

Can someone please explain how the multsing wallet works because it won’t work for me won’t let me type in nothing in address and ya.

Can you please help @Jan_Sokolovits on how to use Multisig wallet? @incsmile

@incsmile how do I use this

Basically, pStore is a privacy applications hub where a user just needs to import/create Incognito wallet on then deposit pToken to Incognito smart contract, he/she will be able to use these tokens with any integrated privacy app, i.e., pMultisig ( ) or pUniswap ( Yeah, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve just released pUniswap that allows people to trade on Uniswap privately.

Particularly, for pMultisig, I did also fix the issue you reported (aka couldn’t input addresses). Unfortunately, the app’s just working best on Desktop, please bare with me on this and give it a try on Desktop or a widescreen device, and the UI responsive will definitely be released in the next version. Please have a look at the User Manual. In case you need direct support, feel free to chat with me on Telegram at @incsmile, or DM me right on the forum also works. Thanks for being patient.


I see this on “Only Kovan testnet supported on pstore!”

Is pStore is not ready for eth mainnet?

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Hi @lld, Pstore will live on mainnet soon in around one or two days ahead, so stay tuned!