stopped working

Noticed a couple of days ago that the page stopped working. All pages are blank. Is it still maintained by @inccry, someone else, or has it been abandoned?

What would be nice on is the current epoch number, block progress in that epoch, and an overview of shard heights.

@sid has taken over the website. He has a developer team working on bringing it back to working order and releasing their own features.

There is also with some different information on there.

The devs have considered rebuilding/reworking the Incognito Explorer to contain more information as having 2 different ones is not ideal.

Edit: I should add that the epoch number is displayed top right and also the block counter until next epoch.


:woman_facepalming: That’s actually the one I was looking for, months ago, but forgot where to find it and wasn’t sure if it was still around. So I started using incscan.

Yeah sorry about that. We don’t really mention it that many areas. At the start of the year I also forgot it exist. :expressionless:

Did you see my edit?

It’s purdy, you shouldn’t hide it! :grin:

On the mainnet explorer, yeah, it got all the information I asked for.

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