Increase Ranking for wallet app in App/Play Store

I think the app needs to have better reviews I am currently seeing a 3.3.

Crypto can be already a new concept for many people and seeing a low reviewed app could turn a lot of new people away.

I think we should work on a popup or some initiative to get app reviews. This will help for the future growth of PRV.


Good point. There should probably be some kind of interaction with those who leave a comment as well. Thanks for bringing it up.


Good idea, I wrotr a review in the App Store


I’m thinking after you stake that 57% or maybe after coming back to the app for the 10th time pop up to review?


Or a badge on here for a reviewer


I forgot to mention if you post a new version on the App Store new reviews will go first in the list of reviews and it will change the stars for the app.


Has the Mobile App Dev team taken on board feedback from this article -
and fixed some of the user experience issues outlined in the article?

I think this would go a long way towards improving the ratings in the App stores.


Yes I agree. Maybe we could add it temporarily directly in the app?

For example in the “More” section something like:
Rate the App
Help us to grow an bring privacy to the crypto world.


On the app store, one would have to scroll down 22 spots when searching, “Crypto wallet” to find incognito, with only 30ish reviews on the app store.
If they search, “Cryptocurrency Wallet”, I stopped looking after 100, it’s just not there.
My understanding is the more reviews we have with positive ratings the easier it will be for people to at least see incognito wallet when researching/checking out different apps.
Not saying we should lie or inflate, but a 4-5 star review with positives and negatives with an overall good feeling about the project will go A LONG WAY.

So, please take a moment and post a quick review on your respective app store. If the devs could put a, “please review our app” link on the main page of the app itself, or the community page and anywhere else that would help out immensely.


Great iniciative. will drop my 2 cents in a minute!


Holy Guacamoly!

I checked Google App Store, searched for Incognito, found us at the very good 8th rank:

  • with “only” 5000+ downloads (but higher ranked than some 500k+ downloaded apps, also with incognito in their name)
  • with a 4.5* rating
  • with 119 reviews in written or non written form :grinning:

The worst thing about that is that I didn’t give a review till now. I corrected that immediately. So we should have 120 reviews by now :sweat_smile:

I invite everyone to check if you left a review in the app store.

And I invite the team to upload the Incognito App to the APKpure App, because many are shifting to using that, because Google is super bad u know? Collecting data and stuff…
Maybe also put a nice n tidy link button onto the incognito homepage after the apk has been uploaded there ? :thinking:


Yes please, the team needs to make it as easy as possible with as many links and prompts as possible (without being spammy) to get ppl to do this :grimacing: