Increase Incognito exposure by recruiting YouTubers & influencers

Hi @raz, thanks for your interested in listing PRV on comparison websites :slight_smile:

As what @andrey said above, we reached out to Coingecko and CMC since February regarding the listing. We got help from our devs on preparing some particular API for pDEX and did sent all to those two websites. Everything seems to be going well so far, except the web version of our pDEX. The officical listing will be done once the pDEX interface is live!

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Hi @OhDonPiano :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Nice to e-meet you and thanks for being interested in my proposal :slight_smile:

I have been reading through your proposal and found it actually a amazing initiative. It’s such an important mission to get Incognito a booming exposure in more countries around the world (Exposure is said to be one of the most concentrated directions of the whole Incognito team in 2020). It will be a pleasure for us to have your hand to help us on spreading the word in Brazil.

Yep, when the time comes, let’s get the mission accomplished together! :handshake:

Update time: What have been done in March?

Hello friends :slight_smile:
I hope that everything is going well to you and do not forget to stay healthy in this challenge time!

I would love to summarize here all of what have been done in March:

  • Youtube exposure: Incognito has been publicly reviewed on the first reputed channel, please enjoy the first show on DataDash :metal:
    If you guys find it interesting, we hope that you will help on spreading it out on your social channels :slight_smile:

    Besides, we have been working with and sending the Nodes to these projects: Front Page Tech, Block TV, Altcoin Buz, Bitcoin for Beginners. They will have time experimenting with the Node device and give us some public reviews soon. We hope that it would be on-air in April.

  • Listing: Incognito pDEX and PRV have been listed publicly on Nomics, the data is live now!

    The next two other listing websites that we’ve been in progress with are Coingecko and CMC. All of required API data have been completely sent to those guys.

Ducky, could you please separate past week and march results.

Only things which have been achieved.

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Ah, Ok, thank you for this reminder.
Fixed it. Can you please help me check it again?

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results were fairly mixed in march. moving this to the archive. ducky, all the best with the staking pool project this month!