Increase Incognito exposure by recruiting YouTubers & influencers

#Update time :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! I would like to share with our community some things that our team has been doing together last week and the executive plan for this week (March 9th - 15th).

We got in touch with some well-known podcast channels from which the privacy issues are specially discussed. Besides, we were in friendly discussion with BitBoy Crypto lastweek to pitch about Incognito network and they found us interesting :slight_smile: Hopefully, we would have a Node review video soon. Stay tuned!

Regarding the executive plan for this week, we will continuously push hard the working process with youtubers and podcasts which were mentioned above. Moreover, we made a list of reporters and journalists of some prestigious outlets in crypto industry: Coindesk, Cointeleghraph, The Block, etc. We’re also planning to reach out to them and keep them updated with several intersting news of Incognito these day. We hope that Incognito would show up on those outlets soon. :fire:

That’s all for this week. Thanks!


hey @ducky - last quarter we discussed also starting our own privacy podcast or getting a vlog running. make our own news and all that.

seems fairly labour intensive at this point, but might pay off in the long run. @andrey’s got some crazy ideas for content, as usual.

is this still going to be a thing? cc @aaron


I wanna start my V series “People behind Crypto”

Let’s do it !


@ning @andrey, I’m 100% behind this idea. LMK what I can do for ya. Additional content, editing, scripts, participant, distribution, whatever’s needed. Podcasts are hot rn and there aren’t a ton of quality crypto/blockchain ones.


Update March 9th -15th

Hello everyone! I would love to make sure that we’re all on the same boat and here is the latest update on what we’ve done:

  • Last week, we sent 5 Node samples to youtubers and now waiting for their updates on their experiences and ideas for producing review video.
  • Keep following up with BitBoy Crypto to customize the price for their service. We would like to close the deal with a reasonable price which could help make realistic benefits as much as possible for both of us.
  • Regarding increasing Incognito exposure in 2020, we were also planning to attend and get speaking slot in some good conferences in blockchain/crypto industry. Unfortunately, most those conferences have been cancelled due to the outbreak of corona virus. Therefore, we made a decision to shift our current concentrate on the conferences to getting pDEX/ PRV listed on some well-known comparison websites.
    :point_right: We’re aiming to get Incognito listed on: Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Messari, Nomics, Coincodecap
    :point_right: Last week, we got the first achievement that our pDEX and PRV are now listed on Nomics. Check it out here:

For this week, we will continue pushing on the convo with Podcast guys and applying for the listing on the website mentioned above.

Should you have any idea to make the process faster and more effective, please do not hesitate to connect us!

That’s all for today. Many thanks!


Hi @ning, it’s great idea to start the privacy podcast for Incognito. That means we are totally able to spread any crazy idea out to make Incognito a privacy hub in crypto sphere :slight_smile:

@andrey Hi Andrey, really would love to hear your voice about the series “People behind Crypto”. Could you please share more about your ideas on it?

@aaron Yes, sure. Let’s make Incognito podcast one of the best privacy ones :slight_smile: It’s our pleasure to have your help on its content. Please feel free to raise your voice here.


Good start Ducky!

Since the conferences are canceled let’s focus Podcasts and bringing Incognito to online events.

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Update March 16th - 22nd

Hello everyone! I’m truly sorry for this late update as I was a bit busy with my personal stuffs :slight_smile:

Ok, here is what have been done and in progress of last week:

  • We have been in conversation with 22 interesting podcasts about one of these prioritized concepts: privacy, Internet security, blockchain/crypto review.
    We were pitching them with what Incognito is and what solutions we are making for the world. Their shout-out would be a great thing which could help on bringing the awareness of Incognito to the world.

  • Some of those well-known podcasts that we have been in touch with and sending Incognito’s deck to: The Many Hats Club, Darknet Diaries, Crypto101 podcasts, The Cryptoconomy, Fun with Bitcoin, etc.

  • I would love to specially say thank to my teammates who have been continuously encouraging and supporting me much on this direction. Thank you @andrey @elena @jason :kissing_heart:

  • Regarding the listing task, I’m personally in the conversation with CMC and asking for their help with the listing process. Honestly, our pDEX is an unusual case which seems to be differenent from most of the exchanges listed on CMC now.
    CMC is a reputable big guy by which we can bring the awareness of Incognito to the world. I’ll keep you updated on this process weekly.

Thanks for being interested in and having an eye on my proposal.
Wish you all have a productive “wfh” time :slight_smile:


What is the progress toward listing PRV on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap etc?


Hey, @Ducky. Congrats for the work, good results will come from it!
I also planned in this proposal to contact influencers from my country.
Maybe, when the time comes, we could work together about it?


I ask this because currently we don’t have live data about PRV which these sites are require at registration. Or do you know a website which show live stats about circulating supply?

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Hey Raz, I know some

The most correct data is here

Nomics also has some data, but so far their algorithms do not match it 100% yet.

Regarding coingecko, we were approaching them many times, even some of our friends tried to help. But seems like we are not qualified to be there yet.

The official response is that we can be listed there once pDEX has a web version.

The web version is in our road map, the earliest we can have it is end of May, beginning of June.


Awesome! A website with live data about circulating supply is still required. Pdex stat website does not have it atm. I contacted coingecko too, that is why I am asking around.

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Hi @raz, thanks for your interested in listing PRV on comparison websites :slight_smile:

As what @andrey said above, we reached out to Coingecko and CMC since February regarding the listing. We got help from our devs on preparing some particular API for pDEX and did sent all to those two websites. Everything seems to be going well so far, except the web version of our pDEX. The officical listing will be done once the pDEX interface is live!

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Hi @OhDonPiano :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Nice to e-meet you and thanks for being interested in my proposal :slight_smile:

I have been reading through your proposal and found it actually a amazing initiative. It’s such an important mission to get Incognito a booming exposure in more countries around the world (Exposure is said to be one of the most concentrated directions of the whole Incognito team in 2020). It will be a pleasure for us to have your hand to help us on spreading the word in Brazil.

Yep, when the time comes, let’s get the mission accomplished together! :handshake:

Update time: What have been done in March?

Hello friends :slight_smile:
I hope that everything is going well to you and do not forget to stay healthy in this challenge time!

I would love to summarize here all of what have been done in March:

  • Youtube exposure: Incognito has been publicly reviewed on the first reputed channel, please enjoy the first show on DataDash :metal:
    If you guys find it interesting, we hope that you will help on spreading it out on your social channels :slight_smile:

    Besides, we have been working with and sending the Nodes to these projects: Front Page Tech, Block TV, Altcoin Buz, Bitcoin for Beginners. They will have time experimenting with the Node device and give us some public reviews soon. We hope that it would be on-air in April.

  • Listing: Incognito pDEX and PRV have been listed publicly on Nomics, the data is live now!

    The next two other listing websites that we’ve been in progress with are Coingecko and CMC. All of required API data have been completely sent to those guys.

Ducky, could you please separate past week and march results.

Only things which have been achieved.

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Ah, Ok, thank you for this reminder.
Fixed it. Can you please help me check it again?

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results were fairly mixed in march. moving this to the archive. ducky, all the best with the staking pool project this month!