Increase Incognito exposure by recruiting YouTubers & influencers

What privacy problem are you solving?

Incognito needs much more exposure if we are to achieve our goals. While the core dev team works to upgrade the network and refine the foundational products, more must be done in the areas of awareness for this work to be truly meaningful.

This proposal aims to increase Incognito exposure so we can get privacy into the hands of as many people as possible.

What is the solution?

We are planning to collaborate with today’s most legitimate and reputable YouTubers and influencers. We hope to co-produce quality content that will be published on their channels and spread throughout their networks.

Here are a few of our current content ideas:

  • Reviews of Incognito products, such as the Node device and wallet, as well as deep dives into the network, the privacy tech, and the native coin PRV.
  • Interviews with the core dev team or Incognito ambassadors.
  • Hold online and offline meetups with people whose work we admire in the blockchain space.

Some of our initiatives so far:

  • Collaboration with End of the Chain: A transparent discussion about the Incognito blockchain and the privacy solution that is implemented on-chain.


  • Collaboration with NEO blockchain: A #NEOlive event around the topic of privacy (or lack thereof) in the blockchain space, and how Incognito’s solution can serve both developers and users on the NEO chain.


Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

Right now, Incognito is pretty much only visible on its own channels. We’ve been doing a little with Twitter here and there, but more needs to be done across a variety of different media. We have a working product and a functioning mainnet – we just need people to know about it!


I am in the process of connecting with YouTubers such as Crypto Daily. I hope to do more in this area to pitch Incognito to the world.

Who are you?

I’m @Ducky. I work to increase exposure for Incognito. I can’t do this alone, so here are my team members:

  • @Andrey is our strategist and will be the main character in upcoming interview videos.
  • @Elena handles outreach and is responsible for helping to secure integrations with other blockchains and currencies

Why do you care?

Like you, we believe privacy is and must be a fundamental right that we can exercise in all aspects of life, and money is no exception. Incognito hopes to deliver this, but we need an audience that is receptive so we’re not just building in a vacuum.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Here are our specific objectives and key deliverables for this proposal. I will keep the community updated after each video is published. These are our objectives for the month of March.

Objective Raise awareness in the crypto community
Key result 1 Get 5 product review videos/podcasts by the end of April
Key result 2 Get 5 interview videos/podcasts with core team members or ambassadors by the end of April


February 1 - April 30 (3 months)

What’s your budget?

Here is a simple breakdown. I hope we can get it done with a minimum budget.

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Total
Incentives pNODE (upon request) 3 2400 PRV
Publishing expenses (upon request) 2000 PRV 5 10000 PRV
My PRV salary 1,000 PRV 1 1,000 PRV

Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

I think the general sentiment is that Incognito needs more exposure. So we’re diverting resources in 2020 to make that happen.

Is there anything else you would like the community to help?

We’re currently reaching out to YouTubers, influencers, and content creators to help spread the word. If you guys have any recommendations or contacts, please connect us!


Yes, I have a recommendation:

I have contact with him and I mentioned about being ambassador, too. He found cool. I’m waiting for his final decision.


Hi @abduraman. It’s really cool. Thank you so much for this recommendation and support.
We’re gonna get in touch with him so as to discuss about collaborative chance :blush:

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Can you introduce us ? :slight_smile:


This is funded and i’ve moved it into “work in progress” category. Please share with the community Feb update.


Hello everyone,

I would like to update our community on what we’ve done in February regarding this direction.
As I mentioned above, we have already happened to be on the specific episodes of #NEOlive and End of the Chain podcast. They are definitely a strong kick-off for Incognito exposure campaign this year :slight_smile:

Heading to the March, we have been in process with these channels: BrainMiners, Crypto Daily, Chico Crypto, BitBoy Crypto, and trying our best to get in touch with some more influencers in the industry. It would be great if we could operate sustainable collaborations with them. They are all well-known in crypto sphere and we believe that Incognito will become their most exciting thing soon! :fire:

However (tbh), they are such hard deals on the market now. Therefore, if any of you from our community has breakthrough directions to strengthen these executions and help us get closer to closing the deal, feel free to connect us. All ideas count!

I will keep the community updated. Stay tuned!


Awesome @Ducky. The funds for Feb have been disbursed. We will continue to disburse every subsequent week dependent on progress, so keep us updated.

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#Update time :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! I would like to share with our community some things that our team has been doing together last week and the executive plan for this week (March 9th - 15th).

We got in touch with some well-known podcast channels from which the privacy issues are specially discussed. Besides, we were in friendly discussion with BitBoy Crypto lastweek to pitch about Incognito network and they found us interesting :slight_smile: Hopefully, we would have a Node review video soon. Stay tuned!

Regarding the executive plan for this week, we will continuously push hard the working process with youtubers and podcasts which were mentioned above. Moreover, we made a list of reporters and journalists of some prestigious outlets in crypto industry: Coindesk, Cointeleghraph, The Block, etc. We’re also planning to reach out to them and keep them updated with several intersting news of Incognito these day. We hope that Incognito would show up on those outlets soon. :fire:

That’s all for this week. Thanks!


hey @ducky - last quarter we discussed also starting our own privacy podcast or getting a vlog running. make our own news and all that.

seems fairly labour intensive at this point, but might pay off in the long run. @andrey’s got some crazy ideas for content, as usual.

is this still going to be a thing? cc @aaron


I wanna start my V series “People behind Crypto”

Let’s do it !


@ning @andrey, I’m 100% behind this idea. LMK what I can do for ya. Additional content, editing, scripts, participant, distribution, whatever’s needed. Podcasts are hot rn and there aren’t a ton of quality crypto/blockchain ones.


Update March 9th -15th

Hello everyone! I would love to make sure that we’re all on the same boat and here is the latest update on what we’ve done:

  • Last week, we sent 5 Node samples to youtubers and now waiting for their updates on their experiences and ideas for producing review video.
  • Keep following up with BitBoy Crypto to customize the price for their service. We would like to close the deal with a reasonable price which could help make realistic benefits as much as possible for both of us.
  • Regarding increasing Incognito exposure in 2020, we were also planning to attend and get speaking slot in some good conferences in blockchain/crypto industry. Unfortunately, most those conferences have been cancelled due to the outbreak of corona virus. Therefore, we made a decision to shift our current concentrate on the conferences to getting pDEX/ PRV listed on some well-known comparison websites.
    :point_right: We’re aiming to get Incognito listed on: Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Messari, Nomics, Coincodecap
    :point_right: Last week, we got the first achievement that our pDEX and PRV are now listed on Nomics. Check it out here:

For this week, we will continue pushing on the convo with Podcast guys and applying for the listing on the website mentioned above.

Should you have any idea to make the process faster and more effective, please do not hesitate to connect us!

That’s all for today. Many thanks!


Hi @ning, it’s great idea to start the privacy podcast for Incognito. That means we are totally able to spread any crazy idea out to make Incognito a privacy hub in crypto sphere :slight_smile:

@andrey Hi Andrey, really would love to hear your voice about the series “People behind Crypto”. Could you please share more about your ideas on it?

@aaron Yes, sure. Let’s make Incognito podcast one of the best privacy ones :slight_smile: It’s our pleasure to have your help on its content. Please feel free to raise your voice here.


Good start Ducky!

Since the conferences are canceled let’s focus Podcasts and bringing Incognito to online events.

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Update March 16th - 22nd

Hello everyone! I’m truly sorry for this late update as I was a bit busy with my personal stuffs :slight_smile:

Ok, here is what have been done and in progress of last week:

  • We have been in conversation with 22 interesting podcasts about one of these prioritized concepts: privacy, Internet security, blockchain/crypto review.
    We were pitching them with what Incognito is and what solutions we are making for the world. Their shout-out would be a great thing which could help on bringing the awareness of Incognito to the world.

  • Some of those well-known podcasts that we have been in touch with and sending Incognito’s deck to: The Many Hats Club, Darknet Diaries, Crypto101 podcasts, The Cryptoconomy, Fun with Bitcoin, etc.

  • I would love to specially say thank to my teammates who have been continuously encouraging and supporting me much on this direction. Thank you @andrey @elena @jason :kissing_heart:

  • Regarding the listing task, I’m personally in the conversation with CMC and asking for their help with the listing process. Honestly, our pDEX is an unusual case which seems to be differenent from most of the exchanges listed on CMC now.
    CMC is a reputable big guy by which we can bring the awareness of Incognito to the world. I’ll keep you updated on this process weekly.

Thanks for being interested in and having an eye on my proposal.
Wish you all have a productive “wfh” time :slight_smile:


What is the progress toward listing PRV on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap etc?


Hey, @Ducky. Congrats for the work, good results will come from it!
I also planned in this proposal to contact influencers from my country.
Maybe, when the time comes, we could work together about it?


I ask this because currently we don’t have live data about PRV which these sites are require at registration. Or do you know a website which show live stats about circulating supply?

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Hey Raz, I know some

The most correct data is here

Nomics also has some data, but so far their algorithms do not match it 100% yet.

Regarding coingecko, we were approaching them many times, even some of our friends tried to help. But seems like we are not qualified to be there yet.

The official response is that we can be listed there once pDEX has a web version.

The web version is in our road map, the earliest we can have it is end of May, beginning of June.


Awesome! A website with live data about circulating supply is still required. Pdex stat website does not have it atm. I contacted coingecko too, that is why I am asking around.

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