Increase Community Engagement

Objective: Engage Incognito community users

Length: 1 month

Key Results:
24hr reply time
Daily engaged user: 80 (+ 25% monthly increase)


  • Actively answer questions and explain to the community about the projects
  • Conduct tutorials, making info accessible and helpful for the community
  • Make sure all opinions and feedbacks are heard and problems are solved.

@Ducky looks like it yours :)))

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I’m a part of this community @andrey :slight_smile:
Will try my best to make it bigger haha


Looks like a great initiative! I’m in the early stages of experimenting how I can bring in more users to the community, and this will only help convert some of them into the “daily engaged user” bucket. :+1:


I think you shouldn’t bring more users into the platform until the problems aren’t fixed!! 2 days ago the app was completely down and now 0,08 BTC disappeared sending them to another wallet! The problem hasn’t been solved for 7 hours now and it seems like the team is sleeping!? Until these problems aren’t fixed, the community can’t grow!!

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Hello @Nubex,

I am sorry to hear about your frustration. As I see it, @Ducky has been working with you and helping you identify what happened to your transaction here.

Growing the community only enables us to have more people to support, respond and resolve issues.

Some issues may take longer to resolve and its important to note that the project is still in its early stages. This doesn’t discount the need for appropriate customer service and technical support, but sometimes the issue may result out of user errors too. I am sure the team will look into your issue and help you out, it may take a little longer depending on what the issue really is.

To your point of the app being completely down a couple of days ago, there have been other threads acknowledging the issue which includes the steps the team will take to mitigate such issues in the future.


Well, my issue is 7 hours ago and still no result… I just sent shielded pBTC to another pBTC incognito wallet address. The sending was confirmed, but the receiving wallet didn’t receive anything. Since then I already got 2 pending transactions suddenly appearing in my sender wallet which already expired. I think more users would just result in more frustration which is not good for the project.

Also they said they wanted to “Install a 24/7 ‘watch’ of core dev members.”
I’m missing now the 24/7 watch… my coins disappeared and no answer from the core dev members for hours…

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@Nubex - I’d still maintain that your issue needs attention, but that doesn’t mean you get to every section and every thread in the community and post about your issue. In a modern day world, it’s called “spamming”. Just my 2 satoshis! :slight_smile:

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Excuse me? I’ve just made an easy transaction from one wallet to another sending pBTC. The coins still didn’t arrive and I still didn’t get any further help, just 2 strange expired transactions in my wallet… I’m still waiting (for 9 hours now) for the team solving my issue (750$ lost until now) and people in here talking about attracting more users… If it doesn’t even work to send coins from one wallet to another, I have good reasons to recommend not getting more users involved before these kind of issues are solved!

Well, it seems to be working for a lot of other people as I see it here. Your issue may be isolated, and I am sure it will get the required attention assuming this is not a user error. But please do not spam the community forum. :v:

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Hey @Nubex
for sure it’s not a normal situation, usually, a transaction between wallets goes smooth.

We investigate your case and will try to make that such a bug will not appear again. @Ducky is on your case.


Ok, the issue has been solved guys :slight_smile: Thanks for being patient. We are trying more ways to support our users ASAP, make users less worried as much as possible, and make sure all issues are fixed.

Once again, thanks all for being patient :innocent:


Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great July. I would like to update you on the progress of the Community Engagement proposal.

What’s been done?

  • Thanks to the friendly appearance @Chucky , and many other good neighbors, now we’re pretty sure that we can make it responsive to users’ questions/ concerns within 24 hrs. Thank you everyone :heart:
  • MoM Daily Engagement Users: 66
  • Badge nominations with new honorees, July Builder Rewards is in its process and will end on 31 July. (Stay tuned for the final results :wink:).
  • Opinions and feedback from users are heartedly listened to by the core team.

Thank you all for being great in the community!