Incompatible associated shard blocks problem

Hey @inccry,

Since this my question (Is pDEX fair?) is kept unanswered, I cannot confirm my results which are a little bit incompatible with the ones on your page (

If possible, could you explain how you obtain a one-to-one relationship between a shard block and a beacon block on that page? Specifically, which RPCs do you use to get associated shard blocks of a beacon block?

Btw, do you have any information on what “best state” is? or could you point out a document/link etc.? Yesterday I did some research and I think it has some theoretical background but I’m not sure. I see many RPCs whose names contain “beststate” idiom.

Thanks in advance.

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I believe Inccry had overcome these things, Abduraman. What are you going to do with it?

I need to associate shard blocks with pDEX executions as I mentioned in Is pDEX fair? post. To do that, first, I have to associate shard blocks with the related beacon blocks. However, my results and Inccry results are different. has always one-to-one relationship between beacon blocks and shard blocks. However, in my case, sometimes, the two consecutive blocks in the same shard are mapped to the same beacon block. Which one is correct? Or do we different approaches? or something else? I’m trying to find this.

Hi @abduraman,

How I get a shard block:

curl -s '' --data-binary '{"jsonrpc":"1.0","method":"retrieveblockbyheight","params":[755641,4,"2"],"id":2}'

I use the BeaconHeight value of the response to associate a shard block to a beacon block.

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