Incognito's Q2 2023: Progress Update

Hello Incognito Community,

We’re excited to share the latest developments from Incognito with our community! In this update, we’re delighted to update you two important initiatives from our Q2 roadmap:

Beacon Decentralization Phase 2 - Delegation

We’re thrilled to report that the protocol has been successfully implemented in our latest release, thanks in part to our hard-working node operators who have kept their nodes updated.

Moving forward, our team is focused on two critical tasks: recalculating rewards for Beacon validators (including newly staked ones) and their delegators to encourage even more Beacon staking. The more Beacon validators we have, the more decentralized the network becomes. Additionally, we’re developing a more user-friendly staking tool to make it even easier for stakers to become Beacon chain validators.

Web Wallet

Our team has also prioritized the Incognito web wallet as a key initiative for Q2. This new feature will make it easier than ever for users to access and enjoy our platform and products right from their browsers.

We’re thrilled to announce that the web wallet is now available on the Incognito website. Please note that you may need to disable any previously installed Incognito wallet extensions to access it. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving the web wallet experience, and will create a dedicated topic for how to use the new web wallet and that’s also where you can share your thoughts.

Growth Efforts

We’re excited to explore potential collaborations with the Changelly team. One idea we’re considering is a fiat onramp without KYC. If you have any ideas or suggestions on this front, we’d love to hear from you!

Limited Edition pNode Auction #4

Finally, the 4th LE pNode auction has begun! The auction runs from 12:01 am on 4/22/2023 and will close at 11:59 pm on 4/22/2023 (same day). This auction is a unique opportunity for you to acquire a pNode and become an integral part of the Incognito network. What is an LE pNode?

As you may already know, pNodes play a vital role in the Incognito network by facilitating private and secure transactions. By owning a pNode, you will be able to help maintain the network’s privacy and security features, while also earning rewards for your contributions.

The auction will be open for a limited time, so we encourage you to act quickly and place your bids as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own an LE pNode, cast your bid here:

As always, we’re grateful for our community’s support and look forward to continuing to grow and develop together.


Thanks for the update @Jared.

Was there any further update on Ledger Hardware Wallet support?
I’m keen to put my Ledger Nano X to use with Incognito via the web wallet.

Also, I was keen to participate in the LE pNode Auction, but I only just heard about it and the auction had already closed. Oh well, perhaps next time.