Incognito weekly #6: Binance funds Incognito dev, Zilliqa chooses privacy

13 Jan 2020

Hope everyone’s been having a sweet 2020 so far. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. Development grant received from Binance to… keep doing what we’re doing

Our tech team has received the Binance X fellowship to keep building killer software for the world. This grant will fund the development of Portal — a completely decentralized universal bridge that will enable incognito mode for any cryptocurrency from any blockchain.

Learn more about the fellowship

Check out Portal specs

2. Incognito-Zilliqa bridge is live

We’ve teamed up with the high-throughput, high-security blockchain protocol Zilliqa to deliver privacy for its users, developers and traders!


Get more details here

3. Pay Incognito is officially here!

After a little delay, we’re happy to announce that Autonomous has integrated Pay Incognito as a payment option on their site. Buy your new standing desk in your favorite stablecoin — BUSD, TUSD, USDT or USDC — completely anonymously.


Learn how to Pay Incognito

4. Primary school students are leading the privacy coin race

In a wholesome turn of events, the leader is a group of primary and secondary students in Brazil! Hedus (HEDUS) was created by a teacher to reward his students for good behavior.

Read more about HEDUS

Thanks for reading. See you here next week

– Incognito