Incognito weekly #2: November highlights

December 3 2019

Dear friends,

Hi! I’m Andrey. I handle biz and outreach at Incognito. It’s been awesome getting to know some of you guys a little better over the past few months.

This week, I wanted to share a quick recap of November – it’s been hectic, to say the least – in the best possible way!

Since the mainnet launch, here are the highlights:

1. Incognito pDEX went live

After many stress and automation tests to ensure the integrity of the system – the Incognito pDEX is live!

Meet the first completely private, cross-chain, decentralized exchange (pDEX). Just tap the little pDEX icon at the bottom of your app to browse trading pairs and check it out!

The first pairs are:


Learn how it works and how to use it

Dive into the tech behind the market-making mechanism

2. Digital Cash is here: Privacy + Freedom + Stability


Incognito has paired up with e-commerce retailer Autonomous to offer their customers a completely new way to pay.

Introducing: Pay Incognito – the very first privacy-focused crypto-commerce experience. For a limited period, users will be able to snag smart gadgets and workspace products for up to 75% off, starting December 4th.

Buy cool products anonymously on Autonomous

Read more about Pay Incognito and digital cash here

3. Now anyone can stake – join a staking pool

Courtesy of the guys over at, any PRV holder will now be able to join a staking pool to multiply their PRV by 100% APR. This means you don’t need to have the full 1750 PRV, own a Node device, or possess any technical know-how to start earning staking rewards.

There’s already been more than 30,000 PRV deposited to Constant staking pools. Interest is paid out every 30 minutes, there are zero fees – and you get to withdraw anytime!

Stake PRV with Constant here

4. Shipped 300+ Node devices to happy homes

First batch down, second batch shipping – third in progress! We’ve absolutely loved receiving your videos and feedback. Don’t stop now:

Join the unboxing challenge to win free devices + some swag

5. 500+ validators on the network

That’s 16 x the number of Incognito nodes at mainnet launch. Thanks to all our founding Nodes and early device adopters – thanks for the vote of confidence, thanks for telling your friends, and thanks for helping us build a stronger and more robust network.

6. Partnerships with Harmony & TomoChain

We’re glad to announce that Incognito is collaborating with Harmony and TomoChain to deliver privacy for their communities. The response has been wonderful – turns out people do care about privacy

Check out how to send #ONE privately

See how to send #TOMO privately

7. SDK is here and grant applications are open

Ready to build your own privacy-first applications?

Check out the SDK


Sample App: Dice Roll

We’re currently working on a publishing flow. For now, to publish your pApp, just email the url/title to

Get funding to build your Incognito app:

Learn more about Incognito DAO grants

What’s up next

We’ve got some pretty cool projects in the pipeline. Here are two we’re super excited about:

– Coin awards will go live on 9 December 2019 . Prizes will be given out to Incognito tokens that help increase network activity, add eyeballs, and boost traffic. We’re currently designing the program, so please give us your comments here.

– Portal is scheduled to be released in the coming quarter . Portal is a general bridge design that connects Incognito to any number of blockchains, allowing for secure two-way transfers of crypto whenever privacy is needed. Check out the tech overview here.

That’s it from me (for now!) Till next time,