Incognito wallet with an offline PC

Hello I would really like to be able to use Incognito Wallet on an offline PC(i.e. one with no network connection) to be able to safely store my wallet. Then I would like to use Incognito Wallet on a different PC or a smartphone and use it as a viewing wallet and to broadcast transactions after I have signed them with my offline PC. I currently do this with Armory Secure Wallet however it only supports Bitcoin and now I would like to start using other coins and so I came across your wallet. How Armory Secure Wallet works is explained here:

Can you please implement this?


+1 on this. Love air-gapped cold-storage solutions, it’s honestly the only way I feel funds totally secure. Zero-trust all the way! :smirk:

Hi @coopercollins1984, thanks for your interest in Incognito, as for offline wallet support we are considering it, but we currently working on a feature to support ledger wallet (hardware-wallet).

Good to hear @lam. Ledger wallet is a very good option for normal user usage, as it is much more convenient than an offline solution and still quite safe.

For an offline solution, it’s quite a power-user thing and I’d be happy if it worked only in the incognito-cli, where you can create and export a transaction, and then sign it on an air-gapped computer. For a viewing wallet, isn’t it be possible to do incognito-cli account balance without the private key?

ViewingKey (a.k.a ReadonlyKey) only allows you to see the value of each output coin, it doesn’t allow you to see which have been spent. Unlike other public UTXO-based blockchains, checking whether an Incognito UTXO is spent is impossible without access to the corresponding PrivateKey. And thus, you will need your PrivateKey (which will be stored on the offline PC) to retrieve your balance. For this reason, you cannot check your balance with just the ViewingKey or OTAKey.

I can only the scenario in which, the online PC has the ViewingKey and OTAKey to record in-coming transactions and received amounts. While the offline PC holds your PrivateKey. And every time you want to see your balance (as well as sign your transactions), you will somehow need to have your PrivateKey connected to the online PC.

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Thanks for the explanation. Then scratch my idea of an air-gapped offline wallet! Hardware wallet is the way to go. :blush: