Incognito Verified Coins Not Showing on the New pDEX

Incognito Verified Coins not showing on the New pDEX and the price of the coins created on incognito not showing as well!

I’ve pointed this to entire @Support Team more than three weeks ago, they promised to rectify the error but it’s still remains the same at the launch of the new app which supposed not to be so! What’s really happening @duc and the Dev Team Members?

In actual facts, this is given me concern about people that we are leading to install incognito because they want to trade our coin. What do you want us to tell them when they buy the coin and it doesn’t show the value according to what they bought in their wallet while the other coins is showing the price. That will be passing a bad signal that maybe the coins created on incognito app are not authentic and relevant.

Please, let us know if Incognito is safe for creating and minting of useful coins!

Waiting for quick response because we are planning on launching out as we move to the new year in our Fishbelly Republic Crypto Community!

FBY Rights Coin not showing on pDex. The value of the coin not showing on the wallet for investors to know the value of the FBY Rights they bought or wish to buy!

Well done @Incognito Team on the new pDEX v3 so far!

crickets chirping… nothing to see here, nothing important has been said on this thread… no one needs to explain…

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Hello @KingOfCrypto,

I have asked our design team to step in and reply to this. Sorry everyone on the team has been extremely busy with pDEX v3 launch and rollout.

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We are sincerely eager for timely solutions, please!

Infact, we are waiting for their response!

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