Incognito Support for ERC-20 Token

I Watched in a YouTube video that incognito support the listing and getting verified status for Tokens from Ethereum Blockchain.

How can I get the link for applying for verified status for our ERC 20 ?

There are three steps to add an ERC20 or BEP2/20 token to the pDEX:

  1. Add the token: How to add (list) any pCoin on pDEX
  2. Verify the token: How to get a verified (green) tick for privacy coins
  3. Add liquidity: How to add liquidity in the pDEX

You may consider waiting on step 3 until pDEX v3 is released. The mechanism for adding liquidity will be different.


@Mike_Wagner thanks for this your valuable response, I will check :heavy_check_mark: the links out!