Incognito Privacy Discussion

I have a serious discussion and suggestions for this our incognito community!

Based on my past experiences on coin Creation on Waves and Ethereum Network on our native coin; Privacy Coin: PRV.

The discussion and suggestions need to be Incognito as the name of our community implies for a special reason known to me that will be disclosed to the right person!

Please, who’s the right person that will not disclose the suggestion until we achieve the best from it?

@Support @khanhj @Jared who is the right person to talk to?

Hello @KingOfCrypto,

I’m confused what your question is?

He wants to discuss something private (for now) for the community with an authorized person. Maybe Duc?

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Ah, I see that now. @KingOfCrypto send a message to @Support and we can route you to the appropriate person.

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Thanks dear for understanding my message!

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Alright dear! I will do that!