Incognito Press Kit

To share Incognito with the world, it can be helpful to have a press (media) kit on hand. Below you’ll find a link to the kit, as well as an outline of its contents.

The kit is updated periodically. If you have suggestions for additional resources to include in the kit, please comment below.

Access: Incognito Press Kit


(Folder) 1. Roadmap & Milestones
  1. Roadmap 2020 - an in-depth look at what 2020 holds for Incognito.

  2. Intro Deck - The original Incognito introductory slideshow.

  3. Fact Sheet - Incognito-at-a-glance project description, important figures, important links, etc.

  4. BinanceX - Press release concerning the BinanceX Grant Incognito received.

(Folder) 2. Incognito Chain Dev Sheet
  1. Whitepaper

  2. Mainnet Launch - Press release concerning the main-net launch.

  3. (Folder) Blockchain graphics - Images explaining some of the Incognito blockchain’s configuration.

(Folder) 3. Incognito DEX
  1. pDEX - Introduction to the Incognito pDEX (press release pending).

(Folder) 4. Incognito Privacy (PRV) Token
  1. PRV Holders letter - A collection of the latest data relevant to PRV.

  2. PRV Holders Presentation - A by-the-numbers updated slideshow on the current growth efforts of Incognito.

(Folder) 5. Node (Product)
  1. NODE - Videos and Images of Node

  2. NODE TREE - Image of Node Tree (Graphic, Sketch, Prototype, Render)

(Folder) 6. Design Materials
  1. Incognito logo - The latest high-quality file for the complete Incognito logo, including both the name and the graphic.

  2. Logo.png - The latest high-quality logo file with transparency, including only the graphic without the word “Incognito”.

  3. Logo-white - The latest high-quality logo file with a white background, including on the graphic without the word “Incognito”.

  4. Title Font - The font description for the specific font used to type the word “Incognito”.

  5. (Folder) Font Family - Downloadable .ttf files for the entire font family associated with the title font.

  6. Logo PRV and PRV Coin

(Folder) 7. UI Screenshots
  1. Back up the private key
  2. Shield
  3. Un-shield
  4. Send
  5. Receive
  6. Trade

Is there anywhere I can find the high res old logos? For example the incognito face logo and double P PRV Logo?


Is the OG Logo something the team ever uses still?

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Hi @Jared, thank you for your notice. We just update all latest material in the press kit. Now you can find the logo in Folder Design Material

I think we have change completely to the new one, you can find them in folder 6, Design Material

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If it’s not too much to ask can you add the app design logos to the press kit as well? Like the provide, power, add and community logos from the apps main screen?

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@aaron I found this animated gif which reminded me of Incognito. As far as I know, it is not a copyrighted image, but I have not done due diligence on it. Still, it is pretty neat.