Incognito pDex slot machine

Hey, I was on the call this morning and I just got an idea to boost transactions on pDex.

We could create a Dapp which would be accessable from mobile app browser. The dapp would be connected to the Incognito Pdex with mobile app wallet.

The dapp would be like a one hand slot machine. You “insert” for example 1 USDT, press spin and the slot machine buys 1 USDT worth of PRV, like 1.33 PRV on pDex.

Each spin would give credits in range of 1-5 and after collecting 100 credits users could claim like 5 PRV.

This way we could boost activity and also attact users that like games and trading(gambling). Same could be done with selling PRV.

There could be also be bonuses for spinning 10 times 10 days in a row and more.

Marketing possibilities for that are endless. This could also bring more awareness of the project and incognito games.

Any thoughts?


Will you build this, or are you suggesting it for someone else to build?


I have a few gambling smart contracts that I have already developed for personal fun. However, I don’t have the funds to deploy them, and I’m not to well versed in Javascript anyways to enable access to said smart contracts. If someone has the knowledge to help, we could probably get it integrated into Incognito.

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That would be great @Revolve. I have ideas about the design and how this would work, but dont have the needed knowledge to build it. If we could join forces and make a small team to bring this to life, that would be awesome.


This is a great idea, in my opinion. I have access to a large online crypto gambling community where we could engage some users for our pilot tests and find early adopters.

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We should gather a group of people who can work on this project. Telegram is probably the way to go.


So where does the additional prv for spins come from? Adds up quick if it achieves what you want.

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You will not earn PRV, you will earn pCredits which will be exchangable for PRV. I would contribute to the pool, but I also think team will add some. Depends on the goals and how it rolls. If many users will use it, I dont think there will be a funding issue, but an achievement.

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I am open to building this.

I have a couple of questions for the group think tank here.

Do prv transactions from one wallet to another in-network wallet use nodes and show as full network transactions?

What I mean by that is, does a network in-network transfer utilize the entire functionality of the network, which will increase transactions and node earnings?

If so, this is a no brainer on many different levels.


About its functionality:

What kind of ratio on rewards we’re people thinking?

Were there features that people were interested in to help increase usage?

It was commented that people know of others that would be interested in this sort of site, what features are they looking for in repeat usage of an app?

Also, the more web real estate the better, but would it be best, in your opinions, to start with apps or website for this project?

I will dedicate time and $ and hope for some community help as well.

Let me know your thoughts, I am going to work on this.


Awesome, I made telegram group. Link:
Everyone who likes the idea and think he can contribute to the project is free to join.

Yes, this is the general idea.

I would go with simple website, one page only with javascript slotmachine.

We have endless options here.

  1. We could make every spin wins 1-10 credits with minimum buy with 5 usdt, people buying wont spin that much because 5 usdt is a lot for a spin, but not if every spin wins and we make good achievement like 10 days in a row spinned.

  2. Allow only PRV purchase with spin for start, later introduce spin to sell. With autoplay this would work like a trading bot as long as user has funds available.

  3. Make low odds for win but higher rewards with 2 USDT minimum purchase to make users spin more.

We could even do more versions of machine once we get one functional.

We can do a survey what users would like the most and go with that first.

Slot machine should display users USDT balance and Casino credits balance, and we need a way to exchange credits into PRV, maybe mint pCasino coin as a credit coin.

Throwing ideas here.

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