Incognito OS


Maybe this is not a good idea to sell more nodes as Incognito Team but wouldn’t be better to release an Operation System to work as pNode to a User’s System.

With this OS user databse would grow faster , they would build a pc with their own cost ( motherboard + cpu + ram + ssd ) , then installing the Incognito OS and they will help incognito network from a staked pool right away.

What Problem Solves ?

They can build a Computer System with less or more money but will not pay for Delivery , Taxes , Clearance/Customs and more.

Then the Team can concentrate to other more important things.


This is a good idea for the tech-savy; could use something like this:

but I think they still need a simple plug and play hardware solution for beginners (in-line with continuing to develop the app so that it is much more user friendly) …


This OS Would Still be plug n play. Hardware is not the problem , most of the times problem with vnodes is that users cant even understand terminal commands!


I don’t see a need for an Incognito OS. Incognito was made to offer privacy to all cryptocurrencies (specifically PRV) and has nothing to do with a computer or internet browsing. There may be a convenience factor of having a privacy-based OS/internet program(s) but these already exist. For example Tails Linux, Qubes OS, Tor Browser, VPNs, etc.

I don’t want to completely shut your idea down but instead, redirect it. I believe it to be a smart move for Incognito to partner with other privacy-based applications. For instance, have Tor Browser incorporate a plugin by default that allows users to have an incognito wallet and functionality built-in. Therefore, anyone who uses the Tor Browser would have the incognito upon the first launch.

Incorporating Incognito with Tor Browser would make an interesting partnership and help to expose a large number of people to the incognito platform. I have limited knowledge of Tor and how it operates but I believe Incognito could offer its services via onion routing the same way as they have on the mainnet.


A better approach to this would be a Windows executable (.exe program).

According to Net Market Share (, 88% of internet users are on a Windows operating system. Incognito could greatly benefit from producing a click and play windows executable to help lower the learning curve needed to get started with Incognito & PRV.


Idea is definitely cool :heart:


Yes I thimk to plug in nodes are really great for beginners who just want to participate to the project without having coding knowledge


+1 for desktop app in Windows/OSX/Linux formats and Tor/Brave/Firefox plugins

Desktop app should be able to integrate with hardware wallets too :slight_smile:


Agree with the Windows Executable idea!

Most of us have Windows PCs lying around at home that could be put to good use!

has this idea been revisited? I gave up my smartphone a few months ago and the only way for me to access Incognito is on my tablet. I am convinced that the 'smart’phone is a lynchpin device that will be used to drive us all into a chinese style totalitarian technocratic slave state if we don’t get rid of them.

Stop what you are doing, take 15 minutes, and watch this. This is what the “COVID lockdown” in Shanghai actually is about. When everyone has a phone and centralized identity and payment systems are tied to that phone, then total control is possible.”

Oop, this thread was last commented on back in 2020. It is quite old.

Regardless, my position still remains the same as back in 2020. Incognito is laser focused on providing privacy to all things crypto. There are already many other projects that are dedicated, focused, and open-source that focus on a private/secure desktop operating system.

I would like to point that Incognito is actively developing a web3 wallet (similar to metamask). Incognito also offers Incognito-CLI, while more technical, the devs have helped many users regardless of experience.


Lol…but still it is a good thread… :sunglasses: