Incognito OS


Maybe this is not a good idea to sell more nodes as Incognito Team but wouldn’t be better to release an Operation System to work as pNode to a User’s System.

With this OS user databse would grow faster , they would build a pc with their own cost ( motherboard + cpu + ram + ssd ) , then installing the Incognito OS and they will help incognito network from a staked pool right away.

What Problem Solves ?

They can build a Computer System with less or more money but will not pay for Delivery , Taxes , Clearance/Customs and more.

Then the Team can concentrate to other more important things.


This is a good idea for the tech-savy; could use something like this:

but I think they still need a simple plug and play hardware solution for beginners (in-line with continuing to develop the app so that it is much more user friendly) …


This OS Would Still be plug n play. Hardware is not the problem , most of the times problem with vnodes is that users cant even understand terminal commands!


I don’t see a need for an Incognito OS. Incognito was made to offer privacy to all cryptocurrencies (specifically PRV) and has nothing to do with a computer or internet browsing. There may be a convenience factor of having a privacy-based OS/internet program(s) but these already exist. For example Tails Linux, Qubes OS, Tor Browser, VPNs, etc.

I don’t want to completely shut your idea down but instead, redirect it. I believe it to be a smart move for Incognito to partner with other privacy-based applications. For instance, have Tor Browser incorporate a plugin by default that allows users to have an incognito wallet and functionality built-in. Therefore, anyone who uses the Tor Browser would have the incognito upon the first launch.

Incorporating Incognito with Tor Browser would make an interesting partnership and help to expose a large number of people to the incognito platform. I have limited knowledge of Tor and how it operates but I believe Incognito could offer its services via onion routing the same way as they have on the mainnet.


A better approach to this would be a Windows executable (.exe program).

According to Net Market Share (, 88% of internet users are on a Windows operating system. Incognito could greatly benefit from producing a click and play windows executable to help lower the learning curve needed to get started with Incognito & PRV.


Idea is definitely cool :heart:


Yes I thimk to plug in nodes are really great for beginners who just want to participate to the project without having coding knowledge


+1 for desktop app in Windows/OSX/Linux formats and Tor/Brave/Firefox plugins

Desktop app should be able to integrate with hardware wallets too :slight_smile:


Agree with the Windows Executable idea!

Most of us have Windows PCs lying around at home that could be put to good use!