Incognito on privacy-focused web browsers: 10,000 PRV

Brave, Tor, etc are web browsers that commit to protecting the privacy of users. These tech products also applaud the existence of cryptocurrency; some even let users transfer crypto to each other from their browser wallets.

Combining these things, we see that confidential cryptocurrency transactions will soon be an important thing for privacy-aware Internet users. That’s where Incognito can step in and provide a private experience of in-browser crypto transferring & exchanging.

This Wanted ad is for people who can make the integration of Incognito in privacy-focused web browsers such as Brave, Tor, etc real.

Reward: 10,000 PRV

What need to do to get the reward?

  1. Get in touch with Brave, Tor browser or find projects like this.
  2. Bring the Incognito vision to these teams, talk to them, and explain to them how Incognito could bring privacy to their project.
  3. Once you get an interest please make the introduction with @elena or @andrey 3. If you know anyone who might be keen – send them our way!

If you have any questions, you know the drill. Just post them as a reply to this topic.

Important : If you want to take care if this Wanted, or know someone from these privacy projects and would like to help out, please drop a message below to confirm your involvement.


Is there a walk-through or a tutorial of using the SDK, or is there just a documentation page?

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Hey, @Revolve. Here is Incognito SDK

Just to be sure that we are on the same page.

In the Wanted section, we publish more business development related requests. So we need someone who can pitch the idea of integrating a privacy-focused wallet into the privacy-focused wallet and kick off the collaboration with the core team of Brave or TOR projects. All tech work will be done by core team.

And the tech request is here Core dev wishlist - for this request we expect that users could build and grow any of these projects as their own startup.