Incognito on Ledger wallets: 3,000 PRV

Ledger hardware wallets, including Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue as of this writing, is an important part of the crypto world.

With Incognito, users of Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue can both store their cryptos securely & confidentially.

This Wanted ad is for people who can make the integration of Incognito in Ledger wallets such as Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue real.

Reward: 3,000 PRV

What need to do to get the reward?

  1. Get in touch with Ledger team or find projects like this.
  2. Bring the Incognito vision to these teams, talk to them, and explain to them how Incognito could bring privacy to their project.
  3. Once you get an interest please make the introduction with @elena or @andrey 3. If you know anyone who might be keen – send them our way!

If you have any questions, you know the drill. Just post them as a reply to this topic.

Important : If you want to take care if this Wanted, or know someone from these privacy projects and would like to help out, please drop a message below to confirm your involvement.


Hey @jason,

The first step is to code the ledger app that can be installed into a ledger wallet, see ledger app boilerplate.

After that, you can contact them.


Is anyone currently working on this? I will go balls deep into prv once we have ledger support :crazy_face:

I agree, I don’t really get why the reward for implementing PRV in messaging apps is 10 times as much. I feel like Ledger support (or hardware wallet support in general) is really important if the project wants to attract people who’ll invest a lot in it.

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Development of the Ledger app isn’t a massive undertaking, but it’s certainly a skilled one. It’s written in C, unlike some other wallets, and from the looks of how kernel vs userspace responsibility is described in the docs, the app is responsible for quite a bit, including drawing UI elements and managing flash memory at lowish level. There are quite a few security landmines.

This is something I can help bootstrap, but I don’t have the time to build out entirely. I’m a security engineer with an embedded background including C, but I work primarily in Rust these days. I can also help with security review, fuzzing, integration testing, etc.

The other part of the equation, an app that can communicate to the Ledger device, is also necessary. This could be the existing mobile app but this task won’t be complete without both pieces well integrated and reviewed.

All that said, 2000 PRV is probably too low a reward for this effort. I’m an OSS junkie so not concerned about the reward, but maybe hard to attract someone competent.

Edit: Re-reading the initial ask, I don’t think @jason was describing the development of the entire app but perhaps partnering with Ledger such that they would invest in developing support for pDex. But given their docs, it doesn’t look like that’s the proper mechanism. Ledger requires that the app is written already.


Hey guys,
I want to clarify that all tech part can be done with collaboration with core team.

What are we looking by this task is someone who can take initiative of this integration (to be a produce/project manager of such initiative)

Also, if you feel that you can take one of the initiatives if reward will be more attractive. Feel free to share your suggestions. Let’s make it win - win - win for all three party of this collaboration.


Thanks for the clarification @andrey! With that said, I’d definitely like to help drive the effort. I have a good understanding of the work that will need to be done, and I think another set of security focused eyes will be good for this integration.

As an aside, I’ve also started exploratory work around pDex support in the NGRAVE wallet I mention it because it’s a different kind of integration both from a how, there’s no public app store, and because it’s based entirely on QR code exchange – the technical integration effort is simpler by comparison. Ledger has huge adoption already so it’s an obvious priority, but QR based cold wallets like this are also on my list of things to try to push this year.

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