Incognito on computer or laptop

Is there a way to access my Incognito wallets on a laptop, or is it only on mobile phones?

Hello @slabb,

Currently the pdex is only accessible via the mobile app. The devs are currently working hard on a new release for pdex after this they will focus on a web based pdex.

There is the ability to interact with the Incognito chain via RPC but this is for advance use cases. Stay tuned for the announcement of a web pdex in the forum and your email.

The iOS Incognito app can be sideloaded on a M1 based Macbook laptop.

The Android Incognito app can be used in a Android emulator on Windows and Linux computers.

Neither are these are official, supported methods. However both have been used by the community members. Perhaps someone who has used the app in such a way will add their experience to this discussion.


I have some more information for you. The following link is all that is currently available aside from what was already mentioned.

Please keep in mind this tool can be complicated to use.

Developers may use react-native to run the mobile app. I did this for iOS version and enjoyed the desktop experience. I do not remember the exact steps but it was easy to set up. Mainly just download repository and follow

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As a note, this tool has a disadvantage for now. For the full safety, you should have your own fullnode and connect to it. Otherwise, the fullnode owner may log your private key.

Edit: Information above is wrong. Please see the discussion below.

Hi @abduraman,

It seems you misunderstand something. The CLI tool is a client-side tool, your transactions are generated locally, and no private key is sent over the network.

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Sorry, you’re right. However, no misunderstanding but confusion :slight_smile: I’ve confused it with go-incognito-sdk repository. Thanks for the fix.

The CLI tool is built upon the go-incognito-sdk. All transactions are created by the go-incognito-sdk. And FYI, the go-sdk DOES NOT send your private key over the network.

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While I was examining the source code, I saw some functions sending private key. Maybe I remember them incorrectly. When I’m available, I’ll check them out. Thanks again.

If you find out any where in the code that sends the private key over the network, please report to us.

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