Incognito October 2020 Targets

October Development

Incognito is rapidly evolving. To continue the pace we’ve been at over the past 11 months, in October, we’re going to pour into the stability, speed, and utility of the network. We’ll keep chugging along down the 2020 roadmap, with goals like implementing the new staking flow and slashing feature, deploying Portal v3, and taking further steps toward Dynamic Sharding and Dynamic Committee Size.

Generate strong utility

Grow the user base by finding the perfect product-market fit

Grow the builder community with new builder proposals

Build a strong layer-2 core

Release HD wallet for the app

Enable full histories for assets (send, receive, shield, and unshield)

Improve bug resolution and cx response time

Fix bugs in the app and update SDK documentation

Build a strong layer-1 core

QC for bugs on mainnet and testnet

Deploy beacon fullnode on mainnet (currently testnet)


Finish confidential asset view key and deploy on devnet

Finalize new staking flow and slashing feature

Review BFT2 for implementation

Deploy Portal v3 on Testnet

As always, we couldn’t do it without you. Share your thoughts and ideas here in the forum. And if you’re a creative problem solver, get involved in the active community of privacy builders!


Looking forward for the HD Wallet feature :grinning:


You and I both!