Incognito Nodes

Hi there,

I came across this video of Rob Braxman (

I was very interested in the project and in running a node.

I see nodes delivery have stopped. How so? Will the issue be solved soon? In that case any gate away for new nodes, I am based in Europe at this time.

Has the project come to an halt?


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This is not an issue but a choice from the dev team. They have since decided to focus more on decentralization and the network as a whole. Making and troubleshooting pNodes was causing too many resources. Not to mention, having many pNodes on community stake means a large amount of funds are in the hands of the dev team making things centralized.

This project is more alive than ever. You still have the option to spin up your own vNodes in either dedicated hardware you own or a VPS. If you do not have 1750 PRV to spin up your own node I would suggest using the provide feature in the app.


Just stumbled accross this. In case you are interested I have an original pNode to sell and am also located in Germany. So in case you want to buy one this way feel free to send me a DM.

Is this pNode still sealed and not activated?

The dev team no longer allows transfer of pNodes that have already been activated!
(when using community funded stake)

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yes it has been running for 3 months already. So basically there is no way to resell a node properly once it has been activated? that‘s weird tbh…

Not with funded stake. Since you have the private key of the account attached to the node, you will also have access to the funds once it is earning money at the buyers home.

I assume, not tested that, someone can use the node when they stake it themselves. They will need 1,750 PRV to do that.

How much are you selling this node for?


I have an offer from somebody on telegram for €333.- (plus shipping in the EU) which I think is fair for both sides. I am not sure he is aware of the fact that he can’t restake with team’s funds and I think it’s fair I tell him beforehand… That’s why I was asking! If you are interested in buying the node let me know!

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My advice @scooter is to be honest and transparent in all your transactions including the possible sale of the pNode…it builds good karma and well would reflect on you as well in a positive way…cheers… :sunglasses:


I wish you good luck with that deal. A bit above my budget.


That’s fine… I am not in a hurry selling the node as for now I just let it run and do its job. I mean in the current state of the network you don’t even have to let it run to earn rewards once it’s registered on the network… But still I see it as a small contribution towards this project until somebody comes along and offers me a decent price for it :wink: