Incognito NFT's

I’m part of the Blockchain Heroes community. Blockchain Heroes is a NFT series the Bad Crypto Podcast is doing on the wax blockchain. It’s like the GPK cards wax and TOPPS did but at least 1000x better. Blockchain Heroes have been doing promotional cards I thought it would be awesome to have a incognito Blockchain Heroe so I put the idea out in the Telegram community. This was the reply I got back. It could be a good sign I know they’ve put a pause to doing more cards until after the actual sale. They’ve been going non-stop putting these out and we might see a Incognito Blockchain Heroe NFT collectible card later on. I’ve been planning on turning some incognito memes into NFT’s just for the fun of it.

I’ve been using this private sidechain called Incognito for awhile. It allows you to send 70+ cryptocurrencies privately and the also got a private Dex I was thinking after the meeting if there could be a chance of there being a Incognito Heroes NFT? I know you guys are extremely busy and this would be a promotional NFT so it’s not really important on the grand scheme of things. I was just thinking this project could make a great Heroe.

Joel Comm:
This series is finalized, but you never know what the future might bring

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