incognito name

how does incognito get away with using the name. Incognito is a food brand name in the usa.

??? Probably why I’ve never bought anything for consumption that had that name. Crypto okay, food not so.

Delta is an airliner founded in and serving the US.
Delta makes saws and tools found in all manner of workshops in the US.
Delta makes plumbing fixtures found in homes and businesses across the US.
Delta makes electronic assemblies for sale in the US.

None of these companies are related. They have no common corporate history from mergers or divestitures, etc. They do all have significant presence (aka “brand name in the usa”) in the American consumer market.

Presence in the American market does not dictate exclusivity to a brand name.
Using the same letters/words does not dictate exclusivity to a brand name.

Incognito is not “get[ting] away” with anything. With regard to the company name, it is not possible to infringe upon another company in a vastly different industry. There is no consumer confusion.

And it’s Incogmeato. Not even the same word. Or Incognito. Which is a deer food by a company established in 2019.