Incognito Mode for Tron (TRX)

We want to know your thoughts about integration TRX into Incognito privacy hub.


Links to research:

Feel free to comment or add suggestions. Your responses will help us to prioritize the next Integrations.

Backlink to the community discussion on Reddit.


Adding Tron would be great. Even moreso with Tron being one of the chains supporting USDT.


Would love trx support, as mentioned , especially for usdt . Thanks!


Do you mean USDT-TRON (TRC20)?


Welcome to the community Rob_syd…:sunglasses:

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I think it could be a possibility to link Incognito with every smart contract platform
We already got half of them. If Incognito can integrate every smart contract platform, then technically we can build a platform to utilize all of them at once. If we made a pContract system, Incognito would be the go to platform to make smart contracts. Since it would have access to every smart contract platform why would you code for any one platform. You could just code for the Incognito platform and your contract would be available to access from every smart contract blockchain.


Hey Jason, yes usdt-TRC20 . :+1:


Thanks ! Super happy to be here and to have come across this community

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I would really love support or TRC-10. I want to add my BTT holdings to Incognito. When do you think something like this will be integrated?

They are building privacy mode for trc20.
For Trx & Trc10 , i guess not yet . So, it can be excellent to built by incognito.

Just following up, what’s progress on this? +1 for TRX + TRC-10 + TRC-20 integration :slight_smile:

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No progress at all. I’ve tried to reach the core team to chat about integration, but its a bit more complicated than other projects :sweat_smile:


We need Tron Blockchain because we can move our tokens (USDT for example) with low fees.

I also tried to reach them and their answer was that they are already implementing privacy features through zksnark…


lol silly guys they should let us help em out for free

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But to be honest i think we really need TRX soon as its becoming on of the larger chains to have Defi offerings at amazing prices and the fees are so low and its transaction throughput is crazy

Plus all the yield farms Im in id like to trade here but since I can’t I take it elsewhere.

I was under the impression that for most things you can just use erc-20 code on TRX
as long as it’s TRC 20


TRX gonna be big and maybe replace ETH in the future because of the advantages in transaction fee and waiting time is also faster than ETH chain

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