Incognito Mode for Ripple

We are planning to do integration with Ripple blockchain and want to hear your opinion about that.


Links to research:

Feel free to comment or add suggestions. Your responses will help us to prioritize the next Integrations.


I would take Stella anytime rather than Ripple.

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Is bitcoin cash already added to the pdex? Xrp is good.

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Nope, BCH isn’t added yet. We are exploring opportunity to add it. Community reaction is very important in this direction.

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can we get ripple

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This would be useful, there’s no dex for Ripple or Stellar for that matter.

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Hey guys @SecurityFirst @Haris_Saidi!

Thanks for your input :raised_hands: It helps us to prioritize bridges for different coins.

If you think that we should integrate any other coin, which is not yet in the ideas section, leave your comments here: Need your help: Most wanted bridges. :blush:

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