Incognito Mode for Dogecoin (DOGE)

How do you think of the integration with Dogecoin blockchain?


Links to research:

Feel free to comment or add suggestions. Your responses will help us to prioritize the next Integrations.

Backlink to the DOGE community.


Which is the real Dogecoin? There are several when I search for it, and none of those have a verified sign

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I used doge some years ago…
Now I stick with XML or BNB if I want fast and cheap transfers 🤷‍♂


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Hey @J053 as you can see it’s still on the section Ideas . We approach the Doge community with the idea of building a bridge and make the transactions confidential, but they didn’t find it much interesting at this moment. So we put it on hold and focused on NEO & XMR.

There is no bridge to Dogecoin and there is no DOGE on Incognito chain and in the Incognito wallet. This means none of the DOGE duplicates you see are the ‘real’ DOGE.