Incognito Mode for Cardano (ADA)

What about the opportunity to add privacy to Cardano blockchain (ADA)?

We are thinking to build a privacy bridge to Cardano to allow private transactions for ADA.


Links to research:

Feel free to comment or add suggestions. Your responses will help us to prioritize the next Integrations.

Other integrations

Backlink to the discussion with Cardano community


Great idea. This not only would be contributing to the incognito network but would also introduce those that are new to the cryptosphere to another solid project.


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This will be great esp with Cardano finally launching their Main net, hopefully :smile:

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I would like to propose if you are setting up the privacy ada. Can you also setup a staking pool for the privacy ada so that we won’t need to go through the hazards of testing and looking for a reliable pool. Meaning Incognito will provide all in one services for ada including staking.

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It’s a very interesting idea.

We are planning to implement private staking for PRV on the first stage. Once it lives we definitely go deeper into such an idea.

If you don’t mind, could you bounce your idea as a Topic so more could discuss on it.

Sure will do. Thanks :smile::pray:

Hi…was curious to know if community ever got around to setting up a private coin and liquidity pool for cardano?

I’ve chatted with Cardano team, they asked to come back after they launch smart contracts :slight_smile:

We still can do it, but we need support from their community at least.


Thank you andrey…I really look forward to linking up with cardano…:sunglasses: