Incognito May 2020 Targets

As we did for April, we will continue to focus on utility. In addition to seeking traction, continuing to launch new products, and investing in R&D, we’ll also turn our attention to better CX and UX.

Here are the funded projects for May.

The following proposals are organized around 4 key goals.

1. Generate strong utility

Expand validator ecosystem by 400 new Nodes
Exceed $650k monthly trading volume on Incognito DEX

2. Build a strong layer-2 core

Improve Incognito app experience
Improve Node ship times and bug handling

3. Build a strong layer-1 core

Ship Portal v2 on mainnet
Ship Consensus v2 on testnet
Ship Privacy v2 on devnet
Quality control for chain development

4. Continue to innovate

Dynamic committee size
NAT traversal solution
Portal v3
Node Tree prototype

All proposals are living threads. Owners will be posting weekly updates, and are looking forward to your feedback. All perspectives welcome – build Incognito with us!

Want to start something of your own? Bounce ideas here, and if you already have something in mind, get funding to bring it to life!