Incognito Mainnet Faucet (production already)

Hello everyone, I am impressed by the way team manage to find a niche market. “No one need a new Monero”, privacy module has been used wisely.

At first I don’t know how to get some PRV. Seem that team still hasn’t provided enough approach to distribute/sell/airdrop the chain coin.

As a blockchain enthusiasm, I have no hesitate building a website called to make the chain more viral.

I found that Incognito provides an incredibly small amount of fee, around 1e-9 PRV for each transaction. With 0.00001 PRV faucet, users can use this amount for their whole life. They can experienced most of chain’s services for almost free (as long as PRV < 100$). In an economic talking, 0.00001 PRV brings you no commercial benefit.

The idea of is not just give away some PRV. It’s a two way pool. Current PRV owners contribute a small amount of PRV (ex: 0.1 PRV), then pool will in charge of airdropping their contribution to the new users.
Why PRV owners have to do that? First, contribution amount is just a small figure. Second, they would want Incognito to be more popular. As Incognito becomes more popular, their PRV would increase in price. This is no man job, it must be community.

I acknowledge that airdropping feature would be attacked by someone who tries to generate many address and faked ip. I am trying my best to provide a solid rule. Strict rule will damage honest user experience. The most critical factor for this kind of attack is “Is this worth it?”. It this worth to get 1 PRV by making 10000 request. Let’ s the community answer this question. The only way to prevent being attack is “attacker find no economic advantage or it isn’t worth to attack”.
Some of my rule:

  • Restricted number of request for each address
  • Restricted number of request for each IP
  • Restricted number of token distributed per day or hour
    1. What privacy problem are you solving?

Incognito Mainnet Faucet, airdrop a small amount of PRV for new user

2. What is the solution?

Building a simple faucet website

3. Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

4. Who are you?

I’m a blockchain and start-up enthusiasm

5. Why do you care?

Bringing blockchain close to end-user

6. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Ship Date Deliverable
27 May 2020 Create a faucet website
30 May 2020 Add protection method against mass airdrop

I don’t have many ideas about what to do next. Looking for help and feedback

7. What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost
v0.1.0 Website Development (already) 1000 PRV 1 1000 PRV
v0.2.0 Protection Method (already) 1000 PRV 1 1000 PRV

Website hosting cost 500 PRV each month

I will keep this site running for at least 3 months (without PRV payment) to see if it useful or not

8. Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

I first saw mention of the idea here:

9. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Please don’t increase the fee

tips: 12RwuTatAXKVvdiQT5qxuTr58ir7DUrf3bfZ2GppaAvzXKqcoFngVXE8YutfwfHvxh3MzpaEyZjJ7wuZL6jKtVcCR12MPRCzEjsQ6i1


Nice job @altair!

One idea: send randomly a tiny amount of a shielded coin in addition to the 0.00001 PRV. Something like: you have 25% of chance to get 0.000001 PRV and 0.000001 USDT or USDC.


I proposed something similar before PRV Faucet but the general feeling was the that .1 you get with the wallet is better than a faucet.


Great @inccry, i definitely take a look into that

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Actually I that idea from your post @Josh_Hamon, I just thought we should have more approaches to distribute a small amount of token for new users.


Has anyone handle error from Incognito Fullnode API? Extracting those errors causes me a lot of trouble. Seem fullnode returns the whole error stack trace with very unclear message.

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I would be willing to put up a faucet and fund it to help spread the word, but I don’t have any scripts and would want to put limits on it.


Dear @InvestForFamily, show a contribution address. If you find this idea interesting, plz send just a few amount to it per day. There are three limit at the writing time:

  1. Limit by address, ten time max
  2. Limit by IP
  3. Limit by max number of PRV released per day

Great initiative! I just used it :slight_smile:


Nice site. Basic but functional. Would be interesting to have a spot at the top of the site showing how much the faucet has available in it’s wallet. This will help users know if they need to help fund the project.


Wonderful idea. I’ll try to figure out how to build it nicely


TODO next:

  • v0.2.0 Add restricted by IP
  • v0.3.0: Add statistic to page: show current pool amount, number of receiver, number of airdrop amount

Result: 2020 May 30

  • Faucet is used by more than 60 addresses and serves up to 350 txs
  • Shipped: v0.2.0 Restricted by IP. One IP must wait one minute for each request.
    Community, if you have time, give me a hand in testing this new feature.


v0.3.0 Add statistic to page.


I have some ideas for this faucet, it can generate more PRV to giving for faucet. If 1 person need 0.00001 for their rest of their life to use Incognito transaction. With some PRV goes to Staking can generate more PRV to giving free at staking.

10 PRV generate ~ 0.01027 PRV / Day it means could giving 1027 Address. You can scale up the PRV to get more PRV to faucet.

With help of developer to getting starting PRV begin to staking, and the profit from its staking goes to faucet.

Nice project :+1: from me :smiley:


Wonderfull idea!!!

Definitely gonna do it. I would like to build a page showing pool’s amount first before we apply this scheme. This makes pool’s amount transparent to community. People, who contribute to pool, can keep track where their PRV going.

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Great, thank you for having this project so seriously.

This project could make incognito to the next level of usability.

Appreciate @altair
Please support this project @Peter :smiley:


Is there open source for this; so that others can also use start faucets spreading the word and creating users and transactions?


Hey @altair @inccry!
Guys quick idea, what do you think about to make backlinks to each other: <->

It should bring more new users for both)


At the moment this project is closed-source. However, there’s a site for API officially from Incognito team.

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Great post @andrey,

I am adding things to A link to and will absolutely provide a better experience for user.