Incognito June 2020 Targets

June development

In June, the core dev team will focus on version 2s of all foundational products. Starting with the new pDEX that launched in the last week of May, we plan to release an improved app, a smoother Node set up, a more flexible and interoperable network, and of course – better QC and CX to both reduce errors and fix bugs more quickly.

Generate strong utility

Increase pDEX liquidity pools by 900K
Privacy for DeFi starting with pKyber

Build a strong layer-2 core

Produce 500 perfect Node devices
Release Node Tree prototype
Improve incognito app experience

Build a strong layer-1 core

Improve Node performance and sync times
Ship Portal v2 on mainnet
Deploy Confidential Assets on devnet
Integrate Privacy v2 with Portal and pDEX


New smart contract interaction flow
Trustless bridge with Ethereum bond contract

As we work through the initiatives laid out in the 2020 roadmap, the core dev team will move away from the old proposal format in favor of a more streamlined workflow. All topics will continue to be updated weekly, so do interact and share your thoughts!

Community projects will continue to be eligible for funding through a new initiative for Builder Rewards. :rocket:


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