Incognito July 2020 targets

July development

In July, the core dev team will optimize current solutions as well as build new programs and products to fortify the pDEX and improve the trading experience. We’ll also be divesting resources towards better CX and community support. On Layer 1, it’s business as usual: continually improved scalability, privacy, and interoperability.

Generate strong utility

Increase pDEX liquidity pools by 900K
Improved experience for liquidity providers

Build a strong layer-2 core

100% bugs fixed and Node device issues resolved
App continued: Pool v.2 and a better Node experience
Improve community support and reduce response time
Ship 400 Nodes in July with improved setup process

Build a strong layer-1 core

Cross-pair trading on pDEX
Improve Node performance and sync times
Integrate Privacy v.2 with portal


2nd phase of the new smart contract interaction flow
Trustless bridge with Ethereum bond contract
Dynamic committee size and dynamic sharding
Release Node tree prototype

All goals detailed above work towards achieving the initiatives laid out in the 2020 roadmap. The core dev team will update these topics regularly. Please share your thoughts and ask lots of questions – we’d love to share in the process with you.


Incognito will surpass user expectations soon :ok_hand:t2:


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More will come :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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July will be a busy month, great :wink:

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BIG MONTH, lots on the radar.

We need stability above all.

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