Incognito January 2021 Targets

January Goals

Our overarching plan for the year is in the 2021 Privacy Roadmap, but every month we narrow our focus on hard-to-achieve, fast-moving milestones to keep Incognito progressing.

This month, we aim to finish some of the longer-term features we’ve been building, create new ways to use Incognito in your everyday life, and grow the user base. As always, we’ll also be continuing research and development on emerging tech to plan for and build the future of Incognito.

Become the most-used privacy network

  • Increase privacy adoption by integrating Incognito with other projects

  • Attract users from other networks; Reach 3,000 monthly shield transactions, 1,000 from integrations

  • Increase community engagement and retention with more ways to participate

  • Continue the Privacy Quest until the 1 BTC lottery has been won

Expand the layer-2 core (Uses)

Upgrade the layer-1 core (Foundation)

Innovate frequently (R&D)

Build with us

These are our main priorities for January. You can keep tabs on their in the builders category as updates are posted. There are also nearly 20 community builder projects in progress alongside these projects, and you’re free to start your own!

If there’s a privacy product you want to see in the Incognito ecosystem, feel free to build it or commission it!

Even if you’re not a builder, sharing your ideas here on the forum, and sharing Incognito with people you know helps to further privacy greatly.

If you have comments, questions, or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them.