Incognito has brought privacy to more than $21M worth of crypto

In the past month, privacy enthusiasts around the globe have collectively shielded $5,000,000 in cryptocurrency using the Incognito network. This brings the total shield volume to over $21,000,000, continuing the growth trend we’ve been seeing in the past months.

As more crypto goes Incognito, we get confirmation that privacy and liberty are important to you. The goal Incognito started with just 11 months ago, to make privacy the default for every cryptocurrency, is becoming ever more concrete.

We’re thrilled to see the community continue full steam ahead, advancing the cause. Shielding volume is an essential metric to gauging the health of the project, but it certainly isn’t the only metric! We’ve seen growth across the board this month, as with past months, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next PRV Holders Letter for more details.

Thanks for being a protector of privacy, and for participating actively as an Incognito community member. We’re glad you’re here. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in this forum, and share Incognito with your friends!


Until now I can see on incscan we have achieve 22.5M shielding volume, hope it will reach the 24M target in the end of the month

Really love to see Incognito growing day by day