Incognito Grant Program offers up to 500,000 PRV to assist you in executing your idea!

Gm fellows,

We are pleased to announce the Incognito Grant Program, which will fund any community-beneficial proposals.

There are currently approximately 500,000 PRV available for use in making contributions to the Incognito community.

Here are the specifics:

Funds available:

500,000 PRV

Who can join?


What to do?

Anything beneficial to the Incognito community.


  • wrap any dApp into a pApp on the Incognito network
  • promote Incognito to other communities
  • make some Incognito t-shirts

Make a proposal, and the community will vote on whether or not to fund it.


You need 100 PRV to submit a proposal.

Regardless of the outcome, that amount will be returned as soon as the voting process is completed.

Win conditions

  • must be supported by at least 20k PRV
  • a higher number of Yes votes than No votes

Have an idea?
Please submit it at
Make sure you prepare well in order to persuade others to vote for you.
Good luck!


LIES! :wink:

Hi @fredlee,

I’m sorry for this typo. It was my bad.

The correct number is 500k PRV, both the image and other lines show that amount.

Have you had any idea yet? :grin:

What does this mean? Is this a new voting mechanism in which people give PRV and then get it back when the voting is done?

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The link does not work ?

Please access via a desktop browser.

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Gm @J053,

It’s correct. It will cost you nothing, except the gas fee.
PRV will be sent back after the process is done.

This is still active, right?

I’m interested in submitting a growth/outreach proposal.

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I tried to submit a proposal (with fees varying between 366 and 466 PRV), but after I hit “Okay” nothing happens.