Incognito featured in The Dollar Vigilante January 2021 newsletter

Just wanted to let you guys know that your project is being recognized by Jeff Berwick‘s Crypto/Dollar Vigilante Newsletter of January 2021. And he has a lot of followers. They had great things to say about you overall. I hope the main Devs see this. Great job.


Share a link, please @reido ?

Our project! :wink:


It’s a paid subscription, sorry. I cannot share the link. But here is what they said. They were talking about DeFi.

“The second example of Monero on DeFi is ​Incognito​, which is a wallet and exchange that claims to feature a “pDEX” (private decentralized exchange) with pooled funds.
For ​example​, when you deposit BTC into your Incognito wallet, the BTC goes into Incognito’s pool and is wrapped into shielded Bitcoin, or pBTC. When you deposit XMR, Incognito wraps your coins into shielded XMR, or pXMR.
You can then privately transfer your shielded coins to other users via the Incognito wallet, or convert them into the Incognito pDEX’s native token, PRV.
Incognito basically allows you to wrap your regular coins into shielded privacy coins within their wallet, and it uses technologies like zero knowledge proofs along with an Automated Market Maker algorithm to enable anonymous exchanges as well.
However, one downside in my opinion is that Incognito utilizes Proof-of-Stake (PoS), and has a 5% premine of PRV which is used to fund its development.
I have my doubts about whether or not their system is truly as decentralized as they claim, but it looks like a fascinating project to experiment with in small amounts, nevertheless.“


Thanks for sharing, Reido. we should subscribe it seems :wink:

are there any other publications/thought leaders you follow that might enjoy incognito?


Hi I am new user , found this from chat on monero telegram yesterday cool place ! Excited to use more


Welcome to Incognito! Glad to have you! :partying_face:

If i may ask, what were your first thoughts of Incognito as soon as you stumbled upon us?

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Was skeptical at first but saw a community member on monero educate the admin about the project and I decided to try it out. So far I like it a lot!