Incognito Extension (Alpha version) is now released!

In order to enable users to use all key features of Incognito on the Web-based interface, we are pleased to announce that the alpha version of Incognito Wallet Extension is ready for installation! :tada: :tada:

This is a crucial step to firstly give users a new experience to interact with Incognito blockchain, then secondly to prepare for next Web-based applications that we plan to build in Q2 2022 roadmap.

:boom: Install Incognito Extension via this link:

With Incognito Wallet Extension, you will be able to:

  • Create a new Masterkey.
  • Import existing Masterkey.
  • Store and load wallet balance.
  • Transfer funds internally inside the Incognito chain.

Set up a new wallet

As the first step, you will be asked to create a new wallet or import the old one from your mobile app. Simply follow the steps on the screen to create and back up your 12-word master seed phrase.

There will be an Anon keychain which is created under your new Master key by default. if you wish to create more keychains, click the Add button.

Import existing wallets

If you aren’t planning to create a new Master key but importing the existing one which was created on the Mobile app earlier and bringing back the list of relevant keychains, please follows 2 steps:

  • Import the existing Masterkey first.
  • Replay the series of Add actions to obtain the keychains.

:white_check_mark: Note 1: Incognito Extension is a non-custodial service, which means unless people have your seed phrase, no one else can access your funds. As always, we highly recommend you to backup your 12-word phrase in a safe place. This is the only way you can restore your wallet in case of loss, change the device or re-install wallet.

:white_check_mark: Note 2: For the time being, Incognito Wallet Extension only supports the Master key chain which is created by a 12-word seed phrase. A 24-word seed phrase is planned to support in the near future.

Scan coins from the Incognito Fullnode

As we know that Incognito is a privacy chain. In other to calculate the balance of a specific keychain, all the coins must be downloaded, filtered, and then decrypted on the local side.

In case you import the existing keychains, you should choose to scan all coins from the beginning. It may take up to 30 minutes if your keychains are located at Shard 0. If you accidentally make a mistake in the confirmation screen, you can quickly rescan your coins using the “Rescan coins” feature from the Settings screen.

:white_check_mark: Note 3: There is an extra option to switch to your own fullnode by changing the fullnode URL to scan coins. This addition is meant to help enhance the decentralization of the Incognito Chain.

Store and Transfer assets privately

Similar to the Incognito mobile wallet, you can store crypto assets and privately transfer them to other Incognito addresses where the information of the sender, receiver, type, and amount of assets are hidden from the prying eyes.

Leak! What’s next?

Well, want a sneak of the next Web-based application? Take a look at the pic below and guess what it is :slight_smile: :wink:

Install the Wallet Extension and enjoy the first Incognito product from the web view!

Read more about the structure of Incognito Wallet Extension >


To install the Incognito Extension:

  • First, extract the file.
  • Then open Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/
    click Load Unpacked and select the extracted folder.

Great job, @khanhj! Will we be able to import masterless keys?

For the time being, we only support master key management, and only one master key at a time.

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Does the extension currently only work on Chrome? I’m trying to install the extension on Brave browser (I don’t touch Chrome for privacy reasons) and I get the following error message:

Manifest version 2 is deprecated, and support will be removed in 2023. See for more details.

Hello @Incognita,

Does the wallet still allow it to function? This should just be a cautionary message but not impact functionality.

When I click on the extension icon, nothing happens. So I assumed it was something to do with this error.

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Oh wait. It is suddenly working now…but wasn’t before. I’ll update again if I get any other errors.


I will not use the extension until masterless accounts can be imported :joy:


King of Masterless!


Alpha version of web app is released. When importing masterless accounts? :rofl:


Guys, please have a look at the announcement. The Wallet extension is officially released on Chrome Extension Store. You could download it here.