Incognito explorer

Hello Incognito community,

I’m writing the post to introduce an Incognito explorer built by the core team. You can check it out at

The explorer is just showing essential metrics as well as transaction information for trades, shields, and unshields now, we’ll continue adding more needed information to it in the next versions.

Thank you!


A quick feature request :slight_smile:

Currently, the trades executed in the same beacon cannot be easily noticed. Could you show second (like incscan’s trade page) in Date field of Or you may show the beacon height as a new field in addition to the shard heights.




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An epoch clock would be nice


@duc and team; this is great! Love the initial response and effort. Absolutely looking forward to more updates and progress.

I second the suggestions from @abduraman and @radonm: adding seconds to the timestamps and the block countdown for each epoch. Easy and useful adds.

A few more suggestions –

  • Alphabetically sort the list of pTokens in The list appears random – pBTC is 30+ positions down the current list. Looking for an individual asset requires copious up/down scrolling and some CTRL+F action. Much easier to find a specific asset if the list is alphabetically sorted.

  • For any tabled data, having the ability to sort by clicking most if not all the headers is also useful. For instance being able to click the Total header in Liquidity to alternatively sort high=>low, then low=>high is useful when comparing pool sizes.

  • I also strongly recommend adding a toggle to display unverified tokens. Currently unverified tokens are intermingled with the verified tokens. For the same reasons as done in the app, unverified tokens should be hidden by default but visible after a toggle/manual interaction by the user.

  • Add partial (meaning single token queries) token search for pDEX trades. This is very useful when researching cross-pool trades & activity. I suspect this will be even more relevant with the new liquidity flows in pDEX v3.

  • The liquidity charts and price charts are immensely useful. These give some of the greatest insight to network activity.

Finally – creating a heavily documented API for 3rd party access to this information is paramount. An API that can be used by CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and other DEXs is crucial to reestablishing the growth that has been sidelined for the majority of this year.


I’ve forgotten to write an important thing. Could you make the explorer open-source? Maybe someone decides to host/implement his/her/their own versions and to provide the community with an alternative/backup explorer?


@Mike_Wagner, @abduraman and @radonm. Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions, we will keep improving the explorer in the next updates. Told devs about these, we will have them soon.

@Mike_Wagner you’re right, API for 3rd party like CMC, CoinGecko, etc is one of our purposes when building this. We will contact those 3rd party and ask them to update the new API soon.

@abduraman yeah we are willing to open source this if the community wants. But it’s quite complex in terms of infrastructure. Documentation for setting it up may be compiled some points.


Are yor planning on making it open-source?

Hey @J053,

From the reply just above your post :slight_smile:

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Would be awesome to include the data about # of validator/# unstaking, etc, like we had on Inscan


Active validators just has been added. Unstaking # yet to be added.


I would request that Code version be replaced with the image. It would better align with the rest of the information validators receive.

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In addition to this, a small modification would increase the understandability of the trade page.

As an experienced trader, I still cannot grasp data under “Buy/Sell | Pair | Base Amount | Quote Amount” column organization at once :slight_smile: Instead of this, how about this column organization: “Sold Amount | Sold Token | Bought Amount | Bought Token”?



Here is my another feedback. I think a scammer or a person who likes to try edge cases like me :slight_smile: exists in the scene. Please look at below:

That BUSD is not a real BUSD (ERC20/BEP2/BEP20) but the explorer uses the real one’s icon possibly because of the symbol checking. This may trap some greedy newbies.