Incognito DEX’s cross pair trading

Objective: Deploy Incognito DEX’s cross pair trading feature on mainnet environment

Length: 3 weeks (2 weeks for implementation and 1 week for testing)

Key results:

  • Have an updated protocol for Incognito DEX by July 6th, 2020.


  • Link to Github (TBD)
  • The updated Incognito DEX would consist:
    • New adding liquidity policy where it’s required to have PRV for each pair
    • Cross pair trading
  • Once the update gets deployed on mainnet, there would be two Incognito DEX versions running in parallel on Incognito chain. The old version is still running until the migration or transition from old one to new one completes (eg., Incognito wallet supports the update and tokens/assets locking in old one is migrated to the new one if needed)

Cooool… :+1:

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Go development!!!..thank you for update…look forward to it… :grinning: :100: :sunglasses:


Glad to hear the encouraging feedback, hopefully, the update will help increase usability as well as decrease trading experience’s friction :blush:

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I wondered why prices differ quite a bit between different prv markets.
Would be cool to have it all synced.
Or is this not the goal here?

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Hey @flurgx, each prv market is independent of others so every time somebody makes a trade on a market, its price would fluctuate which leads to price difference between prv markets. And this would be a profitable arbitrage opportunity for arbitrageur to take advantage and bring prices to equilibrium (have it all synced eventually)


How would it all sync eventually? Sorry, don’t really understand the arbitrageur lingo, thanks!

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Progress update for the proposal:

  • Regarding implementation, the processes for cross pool trading (and its related stuff like requiring prv when adding liquidity) have been done. We’re now working on the change for trading fee, eg., it’s required to pay trading fee by prv only so liquidity providers would also earn the only prv as their reward.

  • The implementation for the whole proposal will be done by the end of the week and the QA team will be able to start testing early next week.


Progress update for the week of June 6-10, 2020:

  • Implementation for all changes related to cross pool trading, requiring trading fee with PRV, etc… has been finished already and QA team has also done their testing works. You can find the tested cases at

  • We’re going to deploy it on testnet next week and the QA team will be testing one more round for the changes on the environment as well. If everything goes well then we will publish it on mainnet in July 24, 2020 :wink:


Just an update: the cross pair trading was successfully deployed last week and has started to gain some tractions over the last few days!


Congrats Annie and to the dev team working on this part of the project… :100: :partying_face: :sunglasses: