Incognito December 2020 Targets

December Development

Incognito was started with one goal in mind: To create new ways to help you protect your privacy.

This month, we’re either continuing development or moving into the first implementation stages of many of the projects we developed in November. We’ll also be performing strict quality control and testing at every point in the process.

Development in December can be understood in four categories: Growth (“Win the privacy niche”), application (“Layer-2”), foundation (“Layer-1”), and innovation (“Research and development”).

You can find all of the development tracks below (and more) in Incognito’s 2021 privacy roadmap.

Win the privacy niche

Marketing and game management to add 6,000 Quest players

Build a sticky and engaged community

Continue the Privacy Quest

Build a strong layer-2 core

Node Tree - Finish mold and plan production

App v4, including:

  • Incognito Pay (payment gateway)
  • HD Wallet
  • pDEX improvements pt 2
  • Web extension
  • Documentation

Build a strong layer-1 core

Block creation time reduction

Deploy Portal v3 in testnet

Quality control and development processes for:

  • Slashing
  • Multikey
  • One-time addresses
  • New RNG for staking
  • Security upgrade
  • Portal v3


Incognito Development Framework v2

Test and implement fullnode service

Privacy v2 merge and retest

Dynamic Committee Size

Get involved

Progress is best when everyone is involved. You can join the privacy effort, and even get rewarded for what you contribute. Check out the Builder Rewards program if you want to build privacy for the world!

Until next month, see you around!