Incognito chain’s code upgrade (tag: 20220921_1)

Hi Incognito validators,

We’ve just released a protocol code update for:

  1. Incognito Chain’s 1st Blocktime Reduction.
  2. Improvements for pEthereum.

The new protocol will be affected once 85% of validators in the network get updated.
The latest code is published in 2 forms:

If you run pNodes or set up your vNodes by following our instructions , they should pull the latest docker image automatically.

Since this is an important network upgrade, please help check the docker tag that your nodes are running on and let us know by contacting @support as soon as possible for assistance if they are NOT on the latest version.

Thank you!


@duc @Jared After running the, I usually get this message when an update check occurs:

Getting Incognito docker tags
parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 7
Latest tag is
Cannot get tags from docker hub for now. Skip this round!

For those nodes, I ran the on, they are not updating automatically to the 20220921_1 version. Suggestions?

It also seems unusual that the web based node monitor is NOT indicating on those same nodes the orange warning “not latest version” when they are in fact not running the updated version yet.

Hello @Socrates,

I am going through and updating the blink comments, the patch is no longer needed if the latest blink script is used.

For the next releases, I want to drop a note. After the update, my validator notes are OK but my fullnode started to restart each ~30 seconds. The log file showed the lines below before each restart:

2022-09-21 10:16:27.668 outcoinIndexer.go:864 [INF] Transaction log: Stopped coinIndexer!!
2022-09-21 10:16:27.668 incognito.go:227 [WRN] Server log: Server shutdown complete
2022-09-21 10:16:27.669 incognito.go:187 [WRN] Server log: Gracefully shutting down the btc database...
2022-09-21 10:16:27.686 panic.go:1047 [WRN] Server log: Shutdown complete

I tried to recover my full node without installing it from scratch but no way. So I had to install it from scratch. FYI. @Support


It looks like BTC database ran into an issue. You can try deleting out the btcrelayingv8 directory and seeing if that fixes the issue (just a guess as I don’t currently run a fullnode).

If you find that you need to redownload all of the beacon/shard data you can use option 55 of my bootstrap script to get it back up to sync.

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Yes, I did this first but it didn’t worked.

I exactly did this and it worked :slight_smile:

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@Jared I now used latest and 20220921_1 version updated and is running, but why is node monitor indicating for this new version that it is “Not Latest Version” when it is now the latest version. Is github code version number ok?

There is an error with the Node Monitor that the devs are aware of.

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Nice work, hope it will be robust

Just out of curiosity. Two days passed and still a lot of nodes are not updated. Don’t majority of the node owners use our auto-update script? Do they still use docker hub v1? Or do they use some customized script to manage their nodes? or something else :thinking:

I think a lot of node owners don’t want auto-update to run because there is no check in place to make sure not to run the update when nodes are still in committee.

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About 66% nodes in the network have updated the latest docker tag. We need 19% more to get the improvements affected…


To my calculations, as of now, ~%79 is completed. So excited :slight_smile:

We’re stuck to ~83% for ~24 hours. Come on @validators, hurry up. Otherwise, I’ll fork the chain :rofl:

How do you check this stat in real time?

I’ve written a basic script using I check the ratio time-to-time :slight_smile:

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For future updates, my suggestion is to slashing nodes with obsolete version or decreasing their rewards after 75% approves the update.

As of 29 September 19:15 UTC: 84.9%


Why not just make the threshold 75% in that case?

85% has been passed for 6+ hours but since does not have all validators (~100 missing), there is a little deviation between my calculation and the real ratio.

Yes, I just checked a couple of hours ago, most shards reached 80% except shard 3 which was around 69%. For future updates, we will consider setting a “force update deadline” so that a new update can eventually get affected (without your fork @abduraman, jk)

Since we wanted to reduce slashing risk for validators. When the number of validators increases, a lower threshold could cause a big slashing I think.