Incognito chain’s code upgrade (tag: 20220701_2)

Hi Incognito validators,

We’ve just released a protocol code update for:

  • Reducing Instant Finality’s auto-enable threshold from 90% to 84% to make the important protocol get affected sooner.
  • Fixing data syncing crash by checking mint TXs by metadata type.

> See how Instant Finality improves all Incognito features

The latest code is published in 2 forms (we will update the docker tag for the storage improvement with new-db very soon):

If you run pNodes or set up your vNodes by following our instructions , they should pull the latest docker image automatically. In case you encounter any issues with the code update, feel free to contact @support for assistance.

Thank you!


Thanks for the update @duc

I love this project! My nodes were all automagically updated to the latest version with no intervention on my part.

I’m a non-technical person so to me this is pure MAGIC :slight_smile:
THANK YOU incognito team!